Thursday, November 22, 2007

Footprints On The Sand

It's been a long time since i write my blog. Well, not that nothing happens but many things happened. I still have another 12 more days in KL then I will be going back to Labuan for good. I will really miss this place, especially Nilai, the place where I go through all the pains and sufferings. It is then, that God pulled me up, helped me to stand up again. I was reminded of the footprints on the sand. There's only one pair, where is the other one? Then only I realized that the footprints belongs to God and He is actually carrying me all the time.

I remember I left Labuan which is my a place of my comfort and came all the way to Nilai to study. The first time I reach Nilai, one brother brought me to FCC and also to Nilai cell, was just in time for the multiplication celebration. The cell group multiplied and I was put under Nathaneal Yong, whom is my first cell leader in Nilai. It was great, we have lots of fun together and I learned a lot from him, he left for studies then Sien Cheng take over and then it was Sng Tien Leng, all the way from Subang. I learned so many things from different cell leaders with different characters and different gifts. Then next I was called to served as the cell leader of Nilai until now and it's time to let go. It's been sad to see people come and see people go and yet I am still in Nilai. For so many years, I question God why do I need to stay so long in Nilai? He never answer me but I knew there's purpose for all this. I faced many critism, discouragement along the way, but one thing for sure that I did, that is to never give up.

There's people who say things that hurt me so badly but God has been good, that He also sent people to encourage me and support me. What will I do without God? Seriously I guess I have already give up long time ago and who knows where will I be now. I thank God for those people though they hurt me, yet I learned to forgive, those who critised me, I learned to improved to be better, those who looked down on me, yet I make myself stand up again and again and not give up. It makes me become stronger and it really tested my faith on God. Sometimes, I really don't know what God wants to do, He wants me to let go, I let go, He wants me to stay, I stay, He wants me to leave, I leave, He wants me to go, I go, I choose to obey, eventhough I need to go through all the pains and hurts but God is so good that He healed it one by one and He bring me through all things. I don't know what will happen to me in the future but I trust and have faith in God that it'll be good. Even if it is not good I will still put on a smile and trust God again. Look on the brighter side of all things and praise God for all things.

Next week I am going to have my final exams and after that I will leave KL for good back to Labuan. Well, who knows if God called me back to serve here one day. I will go wherever He called me. My life as a student will end soon and will enter into a new level and a new journey of life. I know it won't be easy, it will just gets tougher as life goes on. I will just need to bear it with joy and it does make a difference. I'm starting to miss Nilai already, miss FCC, miss pastor 's preaching which all this year had helped me to grow more and more matured, the wonderful brothers and sisters in church, my dear Nilai cell members and most of all my prayer partner who has been a great encourager to me at all times. Will miss her dearly.

Give thanks, I really want to give thanks to God for all that He had done for me. Thank You Lord!