Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wonderful Day

Power Point Training
Today I had my Power Point Training for some of the J-Kids (English) teachers. I was so nervous as this is my first time giving training to the teachers. I prepared some short notes for them which are step by steps. I really hope they are able to master it in no time since I will not be in starting from January 2009. I will be away to KL for four months. Well, praise the Lord that 3 teachers turned up and they learned quite fast. I even taught them how to setup the settings from Laptop to PA and from Laptop to Projctor. It was fun anyway.

J-Kids (Chinese) Christmas Party
I was invited by Yah Ping Jie to help out in the J-kids (Chinese) Christmas Party. Today is also the day they officially launched the J-Kids (Chinese). It was fun. They have story telling, praise and worship, balloon making, giveaway, gifts and foods. Here are some of the pictures I've taken:

Yah Ping Jie doing Welcome obedient...sit down so quietly

Rev. David Popping the Pop Out and Officially Launched the J-kids (Chi)

Woops...the pop out are flying everywhere....

See how messy the place is...full with pop out

Set Fui leading us in Praise and Worship...nice action

Uncle Heng teaching us how to use ballon to make deco for our head

Wow...that is the mickey mouse ears leh...

Lastly....Foods.....Yummy Yummy...I'm So Hungry...

Today really very tiring...after everything, night time still got saturday night service again. Tomorrow is Sunday, need to go church again...then afternoon got drama practice, then night time got staff farewell dinner for Roy and also Ka Seng. We going to have gift exchange. It will be an exciting night and it will be a very tiring day again tomorrow. I'm going to have a long break, no worry...."Ku Berjuang Sampai Akhirnya"...

Wedding Bells Are Ringing

17 November 2008
This day is Risma Sari Cristanty Pakpahan and Malcolm Wong's big day. It's their wedding day. Crist, you are now known as Mrs. Wong already...ain't you proud? You have been waiting for this day to come for so so long. Cristanty has been my best international friend while I was in Nilai. She is from Indonesia. She had been there to encourage me when I'm down. We shared so many things together and watch movies together in my room and not forgetting going to "Aunty Aini's" to have our meal. I even get to spend time with her family members while they were in Malaysia and bring them to Malacca, with Rynold, Crist's brother driving. I get to know Crist from Malcolm. We were working part time in the restaurant. Really miss out the fun time and the precious moment we had with each other. Really felt so bad that I can't even get to attend her wedding due to too many events coming up during this Christmas season. Well, I pray that God will bless both of them a happy wedding and may Lord you continue to bless both of them. Below are some of the nice pictures of them.

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Malcolm Wong! Gosh....when is my turn gonna come???hehe...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Caroling

16-18 November 2008
The Lions 2 CG have our Christmas caroling in this three days. It was fun, although we felt so tired. I'm the guitarist for the caroling. Have been playing guitar for three days until I can feel my hands shaking and a little bit of pain. We visited about 9 house in this three days time, we also eat a lot of things in this three days time. Didn't really get to take much picture due to I need to hold the guitar all the time. Need to take care the guitar because it belongs to one my CG member. We will be meeting again on this coming monday to discuss our Christmas Gathering on 26 December 2008. There will be an exchange gift on that night. I'm excited for that! More pictures will be uploaded. I will try to take as many pictures as I can...^_^. Here are some of the pictures I take during the Chirstmas Caroling and this is the last house and also last day we did Caroling.

Very Colorful Christmas Tree

Juana and Rita

Everyone is busy chit chatting

The Place was a bit dark, so the picture are not clear

Youth Sporty Christmas

15 November 2008
After the J-Kids Christmas Party is the Youth Sporty Christmas Party. We all need to dress up in sporty look. It was fun, we dance the "Impact Generation" dance. It was kewl! The food was good too and also Praise God for the good weather. Here are some photos I've taken. I was one of the back up singer, didn't really get to take much pictures.

Deco Outside the Church


Yay! Dinner Time...So Hungry

J-Kids Christmas Party

14 December 2008
Today is the J-kids Christmas Party. Well, I am so stressed up preparing fo this part due to I have been asked to do the games. I really pray hard to God for some ideas. Well, Praise the Lord I got some ideas for the games and I even have angels to saved me when the environment grown cold. Everything went well. I didn't really take much picture because I'm one of the actions doers on the stage. It was fun and the food was yummy, too. Praise the Lord for good weather too.

Children Playing Baloon Game

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nilai Foundation Gangs

Year 2001 Hawaiian Nite At Nilai College
Wow! This is like 7 years ago when I just enter college. It was the best time of my life while I was in college. I was doing my foundation back then and we were so close and we have fun almost every night together. It's been 7 years and we are going to have our reunion at Wai Choon's hometown in Ipoh during Chinese New Year 2009. How great! Miss them so much.

The Gangs

The Gangs

Me, Eric and Zinc

Me, Ice-Cream and Zinc

Me and Eric, a very special friend

Zinc and Me (My Best Buddy in College)

Best Friend Wedding

12 November 2008
I'm so happy today cause today is my best friend, Shirlyn Loi Teck Ming's wedding. Actually I felt guilty that I didn't get to go to her house to become 'ji mui'. We knew each other since when we were in primary six, can you imgine that we have been best friend for 14 years? Even her english name Shirlyn are given to her from me. Well, although she is not a Christian but I thanks God that she can still be understanding when I told her that I need to canceled off the "ji mui' gathering at her house one day before her wedding due to some works in church. I hope one day God will touched her heart and she will turn to God. God bless my friend....

The 'Ji Muis' Table Menu

They Are Walking In

Getting Nearer

WOW! So Pretty...they looked so alike I thought her husband is her brother

This uncle and aunty dance ball room dancing so well that everyone applauded.

Drinking the Champagne

J-Kids Camp Committee Evaluation

11 November 2008
The J-Kids Camp 2008 Committee members had our evaluation at Pulau Labuan. Wow, it was great! We had really yummy food, at the same time we also celebrated Alex, Joanne and Lorna's Birthday which is fall on December. We were half way in our evaluation and the restaurant is closing at 10pm. We then moved to McDonald Labuan to continued out evaluation. It was so funny coz I am the youngest there and all of us are eating McD ice-cream while we talk. We talked till 12am. Can you imagined that all the uncles and aunties got so much to talk? I felt so tired that I almosy fall asleep. Below are some pictures I took...

In Pulau Labuan

Birthday Celebration

Ice-cream at McD

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Children Worship Conference (24-25 November 2008)

24-28 November 2008
Sorry for not updating my blog, really takes me a long time to update. This few weeks really busy. I have been away from Labuan for 5 days, 24-28 November 2008. I have been attending the Children Worship Conference in All Saints Cathedral, KK. It's totally AWESOME! It's my first time taking the children out of Labuan and it is also my first time leading the aunty and uncle together with the children. I really learned a lot from this trip. There 11 children from Labuan attended this conference. Is a great challenge for me as this group of children are a bit hyperactive. It really gives me some nerves to get them to listen. Well, ,thank God that I am still able to do it. Thanks God for His strength and wisdom in helping me to deal with them. Below are some of the pictures during the conference.
Departing from Labuan to Menumbuk

Brenda and Ashley

Annie Wong

In One Borneo

Eating in The Jaws

The Tablenacle

Bronze Basin

Bronze Altar

The Ark of The Covenant

Table of Showbread

Brenda and Me in room SS

Somebody Took Our Pic

We SS in Room

Annie and Jia Yi

Gab, Sam, Fam and Brandon

Brenda and Ashley at City Mall

Children Choir Presentation

Mime Presentation

Rev.Chok Kee and His Wife, Lily Tan (My Cousin)

The Planning Team (Committee)