Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Journey

Beginning Of A New Journey

Wow, it's the fifth day i worked. Indeed it is a blessings to start a new journey, something different for me. Learned many new things, too. This year my resolution are:

*Read the whole bible for the second time
*Breakthrough in my language
*Be submissive, obedient, trust, prayerful and faith!
*Let go of the past and moved on to a new journey and a renew life
*Closer to God, decent the Holy Spirit more...
*Learn and improve my piano skills
*Improve singing
*Prophetic prayer
*Reaching out to non believers at all time

Working life is really very different from studying. It's quite tiring and less of personal time. I try to make as much time for God as possible. I don't wish to lost my relationship with God because of busyness. My future plan has been changed. This is really out of my expectation. But i guess, when there's a need, there shall be your calling. I shall pray about it. God will always bless no matter where we are as long as we be submissive, obedient and trust in Him, there shall not be any worry. Yeah, i trust in the Lord, which means I have to bear with all the consequences and trials along the way. Persevere for the Lord for God is greatly to be praise. Well i give thanks for wonderful colleagues and's a blessings to be able to work under them. This shall be my first step of a new journey.

~New Journey~