Thursday, July 12, 2007

God Is The Miracle

Today, in the devotion, it says that believe in God and you'll believe in miracles, believe in His son and you'll experience one! Some people ask for miracles to get better class in their degree honours, some people ask God for miracles to pass in their exams, everyone got something to ask for which may seems impossible to happen but for God always possible. Today, i pray for someone, who got himself in a bad situation. It seems as if he has no hope. But, as i was praying for him, tears just came rolling down and i felt the pain of God. God is in pain and He wants me to get him back. An SMS from someone support me that he also felt the same way. I believe there will be miracle. If someone can have miracle in getting a better honours class and if someone can pass with an expectation that he will fail his exams. Yes, truly there is miracle as long as we believe in God, we will surely experience Him.

To add up to all this, i downloaded a very old song named 'Seek Ye First'. Here goes the lyrics of the song:

Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God
And His Righteosness
And All These Things
Shall Be Added Unto You

Man Shall Not Live By Bread Alone
But By Every Word
That Proceed From The Mouth Of God

Ask And It Shall Be Given Unto You
Seek And You Shall Find
Knock At The Door Shall Be Open Unto You

Indeed, as long as we call upon the Lord, He shall answer us no matter how hard the matter is. As long as we are persistent and patiently wait upon the Lord. He shall answer us. God bless that guy who really need you now. Touch his heart once again. Amen! Blessed be the Name of The Lord!


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

No Sacrifice, No Victory!

Well, it's a another day. I'm actually counting my days here, i can't believe it passed so fast. I don't even have the time to update my blog. Well, maybe i'll just a 2-in-1 or maybe 3-in-1 update of blog. Don't understand?'s one blog with many days of sharing in it. Last sunday, my best friend finally moved room to a master room. She exchange room with Jenny. Wow, the room was great and there's aircon! Well, i didn't help her moved much because i was working till 9pm and get back home at 12am. What i managed to help her with is cleaning her toilet. Well, i took one hour plus to clean her whole toilet and yeah i do enjoy it. Satisfaction makes perfect! I am just too particular with the cleanliness of toilet that i brush every corner of the toilet cum bathroom. Try to guess the last thing we did before we go to bed? Haha, yeah! Room blessings. I was well prepared to pray for her room, i prayed and use baby oil (in replace of olive oil) to bless her room. I prayed and blessed every corner of her room. It was great! It's been so long since i do house blessings. I remember while i was in Nilai, i did room deliverance for one of my cell members. I tear the 'fu' from the upper wall of ther room and burn it. All done in the name of Jesus Christ. It is so powerful.


Yesterday, 10th July 2007 accomapany Ka Seng to return his graduation gown at Inti Subang Jaya and get his portrait. After that we went to 'Peng, Leng, Jeng' to eat. It's been so long since i went there to eat. Then we got so bored that we went to Sunway Pyramid to have a walk. Guess what? I went to did a body analysis with the California Fitness. Bad, it was so bad. I'm actually overweight. Now i need to loose some weight. Feel like crying that time. Guess July was just a happening month for me as me, my cousin and my brothers birthday all fall on the month of July and we non stop eating the nicest food. Yummy! Well, in the night me, Vui Theng and also Ka Seng went to watch Transformer.

Optimus Prime

Wow, Transformer! Finally, they make a movie out of one of my favourite childhood cartoon. I watch every episode without miss with my brothers. It was nice! Well, i learn something from this movie and guess what? I did the most ridiculous thing ever. I cry in this movie. Want to know what makes me cry? I remember at the last part of the movie, Optimus Prime told Sam, he says, "No Sacrifice, No Victory"! I was reminded that it is because of Jesus Christ's Sacrifice that we have Victory. Tears rolled down from my eyes. Sacrifice is always not easy, i was asked to sacrifice something, for the saked of God, and out of obedience. I did it without much complain and unwillingness but just let the will of God be done. I know for sure if i want to win the victory for God, yes! I need to sacrifice for God, too. Because He love me too much, really too much.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

07 July 2007, A Perfect Number For God.

Convocation In Inti Nilai

07 July 2007 is Ka Seng's Convocation. Yeah, finally he graduated with a degree (Honours) in Finance. I'm very proud of him. He will be leaving FCC to serve in COHS in Labuan. He is one of my faithful member who never fail to turn up for Faith Station Nilai. Also want to congratulate my dearest Kai Mui Rebecca who also finally graduated with a degree (Honours) in Law. I am so proud of her, too. She is also one of the faithful member of Faith Station Nilai. Just happen that both Ka Seng and Rebecca's birthday fall on the same day. Want a coincident. Ha ha...

Sio Yean And Jean's Wedding

My blessings to them. Also to Humphrey and Pui Yee. Also warmest congratulations to Sio Yean and Jean for thier marriage. Too bad that didn't get to go for their wedding but i wrapped the gift i share with Vui Theng, Ka Seng, Jenny, Danny, Graise, Cassie and also Brooke Anne. So The big present...In the afternoon me, my cousin Brooke Anne and also my brother Joshua went to Manhattan Fish Market to eat our Branch. Yum Yum. It was so nice....

Big Big Present For Sio Yean And Jean

Eating at Manhattan Fish Market


Wednesday, July 4, 2007

25 Years of Blessings From The Lord

Happy Birthday to me...Well, it's over though. It's suppose to be on 2nd July. It was great! Last Saturday my best friend Vui Theng brought me to Pizza Uno to eat. We're suppose to go to Daorea Korean BBQ but i wanted to try Italian food instead. Pizza Uno is Italian. It's awesome, well, despite of all the fats i gained. Guess what i eat there? We order a special italian pizza, eh? Was it a pizza or a curry puff? It made liked a curry puff, just that this is a giangantic curry puff but all stuffed with cheese, YUMMY! We ordered tomatoes soup and we ordered a lagsana, oh gosh, it is so cheesy and nice. Last but not least, we ordered a strawberry cheese cake with ice cream for dessert. Wow, it's the best cheese cake.

The next day, my God sister gave me a Secret Recipe Marble Cheese Cake, it's nice. Another day with cheese cake. Then on monday, me and Cassie (Vui Theng Temporary House Mate) go Sunway Pyramid to Shopping. It was great, she bought some new toy for her two little hamster-Ding Ding and Dong Dong. So cute!

Well, 25 years of my life is over. I can't imagine how fast the time past by. I remember while i was in pimary 6, i wanted so much to be a grown up, that is to the fact that i can do more things on my own without having adults to watch over me all the time. Time just flies. To think back of all the wonderful memories and bad memories, i can't help being reminded how God bring me through the hardest time that i ever go through. It was Him that i can still survived till now, getting stronger and stronger as i overcome trials and pain one by one. Having so many wonderful people as angels who have been so supportive to me. I reall want to give thanks to God for the 25 years of blessings. Only God can trun pain into Glory. All we do is just trust in Him and continue to walk His way, it will never be something that we will regret one day. Thank You Lord Jesus!

My New Toy

SS-ing In Sisley

~Birthday Gurl, Lydia ~