Monday, June 11, 2007

FS Nilai Movie Nite

Monday already, now only i got time to update my blog. Well, last wednesday Faith Station Nilai went to watch Shrek 3. Wow, it's a nice movie. I like it very very much. We got it for RM6 per person and we have 2 new friends joining us to watch the movie. We went to Seremban 2 to watch the movie. Well, i went with My best friend Cristanty earlier to take the ticket and at the same time, we went shopping together. It's nice, long time never shopping with my best friend already, miss her so much since she went to US to study last year August, she is back in Malaysia to do her summer study, she will be leaving Malaysia again in August. I will miss her again. So, taking all the opportunity we have to go shopping together. Guess what we did when we went to Seremban 2, Jusco? We went SS( Siok Sendiri) in the changing was fun...look at the pictures...

Me, SS-ing In The Changing Room Of Jusco
So, what did Cristanty did?

Cristanty SS-ing In Jusco Changing Room

Princess Cristanty with Her crown..

Next, see what me and Crist did before we went in the movie theater? Haha....more crazy...

I Got Prince Charming

Da Gang At Cinema

After Movie...we go for...Yum Cha time...Yeah! Xuang!

Yum Cha~

Yum Chaz~

~Mrs. Prince Charming~

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Faith Busting

Life can be so hard sometimes. Find it hard if we don't complain at all. When bad things happen, it always referred to tragic and horrible things and when good things happen it always referred to amazing and miraculous things. It is easy for us to Praise God for what He had done for us but have you given yourself second thoughts that what if bad things come to you? Well, i guess nobody would even pray for that to happen to them. Every one pray for good things. Well, sometimes, i guess bad things happen not for the worse but for the best.

There's one time i felt too peaceful that i started questioning God, what is happening? Are You still there? Why my life so peaceful? Then all the trials come? I can tell you that is the biggest test that God ever given to me in my life and i can remember it so well how terrible life can be for that moment. How do i end up being here? Still believing in God? Well, it's OBEDIENT.

Job 2:10
Shall we indeed accept good from God and shall we not accept adversity?

God is not obligated to give us answer, but He promises us His Grace. God's grace always sufficient for us. Everyone need to go through a hard times. There is when they grow to be more stronger and learn to trust on in Him. It hurts but God will cradle our arching hearts and He wants us to come to Him. He knows our suffering will come. God is more powerful than all the bad things that happen in our lives, can He not let it happen? Yes, He can stop everything. But, He'll just let it happen to you so that you will call upon His name. God is always gracious, He know our limit and He'll just stop right there, just in time.

So, when you experience bad things in your life. Don't treat it as if it is the end of the world. God is in control.

For in Psalms 34:19 says
Many are afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all.

Learn to give praise to God in times of trials because we all know that there is only One who knows all the answers to all our difficulty and He will be the main supply to our needs when we cry in Faith to Him. God is in control of the world, He is holding the world in His hands. Have faith in Him, trust in Him and you will see the wonder of God coming to you...

~Faith Busted~

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Holy Joe or Holy Lydia?

Today, I went to Self Awareness class and just got to know that everyone is suppose to do a presentation of their life story. I am the first person to reach the class room and i felt a little awkward as one after another of my classmates come into the class and non of them wear formal. I guess I'm the only one, the lecturer came in and reminded us, today everyone is suppose to present. She ask who wants to be the first to present and nobody volunteer. I was all dress up so i be the first to do the presentation. Well, this is something different, i used only 5 minutes to draft what i need to share with the class. I got 15 minutes to present. Well, i presented it well and i got chance to tell my class mates about Christianity. A good start eh?

Well, take a look at what i read today. A very interesting Christian tract. Check it out!

~The End~

Monday, June 4, 2007

God's Grace Is Always Sufficient

Today, i went to college feeling down and out. I was a little bit depressed. I don't really know what's got into me? The Internship Challenge thing really got me feeling hot and i mean HOT. Well, i'll share on that in my next blog. Just don't feel like having the mood joining the meeting today but i still went anyway. I was complaining and i am just feeling not happy, well due to too many things which has been running in my mind and i can't get it out of it, tears started to rolled down my eyes, and i end up crying in the bus. Nobody seems to be looking or even notice, so i had my quiet time talking to God in the bus, crying my heart out to Him. Only He alone knows what is happening to me, the hurt and the suffering i have been going through. I am reminded by the bible verse i read yesterday. I'm doing my devotion on the book of Job and i was reading chapter 36.

Job 36:5-7
God is mighty, but does not despise men, He is mighty and firm in His purpose. He does not keep the wicked alive but gives the afflicted their rights. He does not take His eyes off the righteos, He enthrones them with kings and exalts them forever.

Well, God is God after all, sometimes, we really have no right to even question why because things happen for a purpose and God always want the best for us that's why everything happen beyond what we expected. I do not know why must i bear all the pains but i know my Lord does all things well and i trust in God, my all in all for he will bring me through whatever coming my way. God tries our faith so that we may try His faithfulness.

Well, this is a long journey i need to walk before i enter to the promise land. Who knows where? But, i'm prepare for it. I know, many things are going to come my way and none of it can be easy to get through but i know God grace is always sufficient for me. Yeah!
~Depressing Doodie~

FCC Family Camp 29 April 2007

FCC Family Camp 2007 was held in Peacehaven at Genting.'s cold and it's fun. Imagine you took a cold shower in Genting? It's crazy man! But, it's not that bad lah. It's all about chemical reaction though. When your body are feeling cold and you take a cold shower, you are actually just making your body temperature stays that way and your body won't get a temperature shock. That's what i do, since the queue for hot water is full and i prefer get things ready fast so i just took the cold shower. It's great! Try it when you're feeling cold. I did that once when i was in Kundasan, half way going up Mt. Kinabalu. That was shocking man! I can tell you that.

Well, what a bad day for me that i can't even join the first day of the camp and i have to miss it due to my younger brother coming over to study and i need to go LCCT to fetch him. Well, although i was late to join in all the fun, yet i still end up having such great fun in the camp. I'll tell you more as we go along with all the pictures and the story. here's some picture taken during the first day when i was not there.

Day 1

Our Meals

Yeah! Finally, it's day 2. I am on my way to FCC Family Camp 2007. I got my ID card. Well, this ID that i have here is on the third day. Well, let me explain to you what is it all about. Everyone need to have an ID card and you will be given some money and a booklet. You suppose to buy things using the money that you have. It's sort of like a Sim City kind of game. Well, I got my diploma at the age of 19 and i got married right after that. What a peaceful life? No no! The real thing is, i failed my SPM and i repeated and i got it through to Diploma. During the time when i was taking my exams. The terrorist attacked and they robbed all the money in all the shops. The situation look so real that it shocked me. Police came all from every where to lock them up. Scary huh? but the best thing is i don't even need to work cause after i got married, i become a housewife. Can you see my wedding picture? Well, there's a moral story from this game. I was suppose to give birth to baby but i think and thought and i went to get myself baptist at the church first. Once i got my baptism card, the lights went off. Everyone stay in silent. Then came the judgement day! All our belongings are being taken away from us. Nothing is left. It really reminds me of the world in reality that whatever we have on earth can't be brought to Heaven. I thank God i got baptised before judgment day come.Yeah!


Photo Exchange

Nilai Faith Station in FCC Family Camp 2007

My Friends

My Group When I First Joined FCC Family Camp

My New Group After I Got Married

My FCC Family

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Faith Station Nilai Hair Band Day ~ 30 May 2007

Faith Station Nilai on 30 May What date is today? It's already 3rd of June 2007. Well, a late blogger am i huh? Well, this bring out the fun's here. So, maybe I'll keep my word short and make the image long and more ya? Well, indeed another week passed. It's another day, and it's Wednesday. It's Faith Station Day! Oh Yeah! Guess what i did before the FS start? Here is the picture:

Cristien, Cristanty and Me SS-ing In My Room Before FS Start

So, we did have ice breaker led by Brooke Anne. It was fun though, we get to draw each other's hand. But it is something disgusting and i guess you wouldn't want to see it. But, if you still insist on having a look at our beautiful hands...come check it out!

Haha...Our Ice Breaker Punishment Oh...See All The Nice Hands..

You Wouldn't Want To Know What's Written And Drawn On Their Hands.

Fun huh? Well, that's not the end of the night. We have more. See what have we done? We have Faith Station Hair Band Day! Kewl huh?

So KEWL~Everyone Is Wearing A Hair Band! Duh~

The Rest Of The Gila-Gila Geng~

Finally, it is the end of the night. Happy ending with a hair band ya? Guess who is the most preferable model? Well, it goes to Choo Yih...The one with the crown hair band. Bravo! Waiting another wednesday to come. Yeah! Wanna know what is our next program? Stay Tuned!

~Hair Bandess~

Kim Gary Three Some Day Out!'s saturday! What am i doing in Setapak? Well, nice huh? I have been staying there since friday and it was awesome. Actually, i went to visit my dear brother. Checking out everything there in Setapak. Well, he is doing fine. independent enough to take care of himself. I would not need to worry a single bit. Well, back to the main point "Kim Gary Three Some Day Out"! Haha, guess you would be wondering what is happening?

Well, yeah! We went to Kim Gary to eat was so delicious! Yummy! Just can't resist the cheese baked rice with beef and the 'Ying Yong(Coffee+milk tea)'. We went there, three of us. Me, Vui Theng and my brother, Joshua. Look at our happy face...

Vui Theng With Her Fish Cheese Baked Rice

Joshua With His Chicken Cheese Baked Rice

Me, With The Beef Cheese Baked Rice...Yummy!

Wow, so fathening. But i'm satisfied with my branch( Breakfast+Lunch). Yummy yummy yummy! See you again Kim Gary...
~Cheesy Lydia~