Sunday, June 3, 2007

Faith Station Nilai Hair Band Day ~ 30 May 2007

Faith Station Nilai on 30 May What date is today? It's already 3rd of June 2007. Well, a late blogger am i huh? Well, this bring out the fun's here. So, maybe I'll keep my word short and make the image long and more ya? Well, indeed another week passed. It's another day, and it's Wednesday. It's Faith Station Day! Oh Yeah! Guess what i did before the FS start? Here is the picture:

Cristien, Cristanty and Me SS-ing In My Room Before FS Start

So, we did have ice breaker led by Brooke Anne. It was fun though, we get to draw each other's hand. But it is something disgusting and i guess you wouldn't want to see it. But, if you still insist on having a look at our beautiful hands...come check it out!

Haha...Our Ice Breaker Punishment Oh...See All The Nice Hands..

You Wouldn't Want To Know What's Written And Drawn On Their Hands.

Fun huh? Well, that's not the end of the night. We have more. See what have we done? We have Faith Station Hair Band Day! Kewl huh?

So KEWL~Everyone Is Wearing A Hair Band! Duh~

The Rest Of The Gila-Gila Geng~

Finally, it is the end of the night. Happy ending with a hair band ya? Guess who is the most preferable model? Well, it goes to Choo Yih...The one with the crown hair band. Bravo! Waiting another wednesday to come. Yeah! Wanna know what is our next program? Stay Tuned!

~Hair Bandess~

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