Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tiring Day

29 April 2009
Wow, I have too much appointment already and I felt a little tired. This makes me gone blur the whole day yesterday. So, I make a decision not to go on any appointment with anyone today. I did a lot of things, wash my clothes, clean the house and also went for a haircut. Very expensive haircut. I got all my highlights all trimmed away. Finally! Wow, really like the hair stylish who cut my hair, he really put in all his effort in cutting away all my highlights. He did it one by one. I'm so impressed. Other than that, the shampoo girl was good too and her massage is the best. Really had a tiring haircut, it took me like 2 hours plus to finished my hair. Make me fall asleep. I went to get my favourite Magic Coffee and get some Jasmine tea for VT and Graise. Waited for VT to come to fetch me, then we went to Secret Recipe to had our dinner. I had Shephard Pie.

Beef Lagsana

Tom Yum Mee Hoon Soup

Shephard Pie
Went for a one hour swim at swimming pool at the place where I stayed. Well, not exactly swimming, playing water. Haha....

Eat Again!!!

28 April 2009
Went to 'Wong Kok Cha Chan Teng' to have dinner together with Victor and also Jovina.

Teh Ice

Borsch Soup

Jelly Dessert and Garlic Bread

Cheese Baked Rice with Pork

Cheese Baked Rice with Beef

Chicken Chop

Night time went to supper at Steven's Corner at OUG. Thanks to Graise for treating me eat the yummy yummy food.

Best Teh Ice

Murtabak Kambing

Cheese Naan

Ayam Tandoori

Precious Moment

27 April 2009
Had a date with VT today. VT purposely take leave off to accompany me and also at the same time settle some of her stuffs. We went for breakfast at "Ming Tian' near to The One Academy. We had dim sum for breakfast. The dim sum is very nice. Then VT went to settle her stuff then we head off to KL, to a Christian book store to get some books. We got hungry and went for high tea at B. Bee Tea House which is located in Sungei Wang. Then we had TGIF for dinner. Yum Yums!

Dim Sum

Honey Lemon

Oreo Chocolate Shake

Ham Sandwich

Special Tuna Toast
T.G.I.F Friday
We went for the 2 course meal instead of the full course coz we can't finish the full course meal. In addition, we add 2 minis dessert to end our meal.
Appetizer: Clam Chowder

Appetizer: Mac and Cheese

Entrees: Fish and Chips

Entrees: Chicken with Cheese

Dessert: Sneakers and Oreo

Chubby Me...Eat Non Stop

Pretty VT
Thanks VT for memorable day and also for treating me eat so many yummy foods. Thanks for the wonderful gift. My first birthday present for this year. So happy!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Malacca Trip

24-25 April 2009
Finally, my exam is over. Hooray! MERDEKA!!! After finished my exam on 23 April 2009, I went for Malacca trip together with Shuk Fong (SF), Brooke, Vivi, Ivan and Donald. SF and also Brooke drive with Vivi and me following SF while Ivan and Donald followed Brooke. Praise the Lord for bring us safely to Malacca. It's my fourth time going to Malacca and the second time leading the way to Malacca. The first time I ever lead someone to Malacca was bringing my friend's parents and her brother for medical check up at one of the private hospital there. My friend are from Indonesia, she is not free when the time they came. So, I bring them there, faith. I don't know the way but I am praying hard for God to lead the way. Praise The Lord we are able to make it to that place without even getting lost.

The first time I went there, I get to visit the historical place but never had the chance to visit Jonker Street. This time we overnight one night there.

Sama Sama Guest House, The Place We Stay

We went to a restaurant introduced by Ah Xian to eat Malacca Famous Chicken Ball Rice...Yums

Even our PM likes it

The Place

Chicken Ball Rice

The famous Nyonya Cendol

Welcome to Jonker Street

There so many cheap things in Jonker Street

Yummy Foods

Gigantic Pineapple Tart

Gigantic Sandals

So many accessories

Famous Beca in Malacca

Well, appart from visiting Malacca, I learned something throughout this journey. God is always good, no matter where I go, He is always there and He always speak to me. It was night time in Malacca, me and SF went our way while Brooke bring Vivi, Ivan and Donald to visit the historical places there since it's their first time visiting that place. Malacca have a very weird road, where every where there's only one way, if you're not familiar with the place, you will surely need to make a big turn to get to the right place. Me and SF plan to walk to find the famous Satay Celup to eat. That place is called 'Capitol'. It's being advertised in one of the Food Programe named 'Ho Chak'.

We walked liked 2 hours by feet to find the right place. Went through few satay celup stall but it's not the right one. We never give up although my feet are tired and painful. We end up going back to get the car and another one mor hour of driving to find Capitol. I prayed that we will find this place. We almost give up but I told SF, lets give a last try and then we found the place.

We reached there by 9.30. That place is so famous that you can see people queuing up to wait or their turn to eat. When we arrived there, there are 4-5 group of people queuing up in front of us. Best of all, I met a very good friend of mine, Wai Choon and also his girlfriend. Wow, the world is so small, even we can meet in Malacca. It's almost their turn, cause the next one totake place is them. He saw me and asked me and SF to join in their table. He told me he waited like 30 minutes already. He even treated us the meal. Praise the Lord for blessings. YAY!

Well, it reminded me that life's journey is never easy and it's tough. But as long as you continue to walk this tough journey, God will guide you, same as what He says in Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path. Indeed God not only guide us to the right place, He also blessed us with free meals. God will surely bless us as long as we trust in Him in everything.

The Choices of Food

Yum Yums

Satay Celuk

Alice and Wai Choon

SF...very hungry

Next day, we went to Nadeja Pasteries cake house to have high tea. This place is being introduced in the newspaper and we wanted to taste the cake. Indeed the cake is yummy!

Mille Crepe Green Tea Favour

White Chocolate Cheese Cake...Yum Yum!

Banana Chocolate Milk Ice Blended

Milk Chocolate Ice Blended

Now You See Now You Don't

SF with gigantic Champange Bottle


Shopping Complex

Bye Bye Malacca