Tuesday, April 21, 2009

FCC Senior Citizen Gathering

17 April 2009
Went to joined Senior Citizen Gathering again. It was fun. Today, the senior citizen is going to share their testimonies. Some of the aunties really share a good testi. I'm touched by their sharing. Aunty Annie got me to back her up in worship. I was actually having flu that time. My voice must be very weird but I enjoy it. Other than that, we also learned a new song, a Cantonese Christian song titled '主信实无变'. It's not easy to find this song as I search for quite a long time to find the MP3. Praise The Lord I finally found it. The food was nice. Thanks to all the church staff who have prepared the food.

Group Picture...So Cutez..

Sharing Timez...

Makan Timez...

Then at night, Orang Sabah treat me dinner at Kota Kemuning. It's my first time going that place. It looked so much like Taipan. Sort of a new town. We had Porridge+Herbal Soup Steamboat. It was very Yummy and price are reasonable. We went to Taipan to have a walk there. Stopped by at Station 1 Cafe to relax and have a drink. Environment was good because there are people singing and best of all there is someone playing the keyboard. This really make my day.

The Foodz...

Station 1 Cafe

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