Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dave's Deli

20 April 2009
It's Monday again. I'm always excited about monday because it's me and VT date with God. Haha...it's our prayer time. Really blessed to have VT as my prayer partner, my all time supporter who always support me from behind. Prayer are very important and having someone to pray together with you is totally a big encouragement. I'm going to miss our prayer time when I go back to Labuan. Really enjoy seeing how God answered our prayer one by one, and having to put a tick at our prayers and laugh for joy. Totally AWESOME!!!
Today, we went to dinner before we do our prayer. We went to Dave's Deli. Yum Yum....it's so the yummy!

Garlic Bread

The Best Mushroom Soup I Ever Tasted....Totally Jeng!!! Thumbs Up!

Beef Lagsana

Carbonara With Meat Balls and Bacons

Thanks VT for the blessings of the yummy yummy food....^_^

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Sis Lydia..

Yummy!!! Yummy!!!!!