Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Day

11 April 2009
Went to One Utame together with Orang Sabah...Haha..window shopping only...

12 April 2009
Easter Sunday, today 2 members in the same SG with me are going to be baptized, Jian Wei and also Xin Yu. Congratulations to them. I bought them some small gift to encouraged them. Welcome in the family of God.

Jian Wei

Xin Yu
After that in the afternoon, went with Orang Sabah to Medan to eat our lunch, then I accompany her to shop at Summit. We stop at one Cafe which I think is quite interesting. Forgot to take the name of the shop. The name of the shop is called 'The Way' and inside the shop you can see 'The Truth' and 'The Life'. Interesting place to hang out...

Nice Purple Flower and Me SS-ing

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