Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Transit at KK

29 August 2009
This is the end of my Tawau trip. Flying back to KK then to Labuan. I had a transit in KK for like about 6 hours. Can you imagined that? But thanks God, I get to go One Borneo for shopping. Thanks God for providing a free shutter bus which is on time to send me to 1B and also to send me back to airport. Everything was just nice. I even get to get myself a Starbucks coffee before I board the flight back to Labuan.

Saw this funny looking bench..looked to me like in the jungle. They have it everywhere in 1B

Went to Old Town Coffee Shop to have my lunch. So nice....it's been so long since I ate Old Town Nasi Ayam Rendang + my all time favourite "xi mut nai cha"...well, I still prefer KL one...coz it tasted better...

Young and Ready Camp @ Tawau

22-29 August 2009

I was away from Labuan for one week. It's a great joy to be able to go Tawau. I'm there not to enjoy but to work. I arrived Tawau on 22 August which is a Saturday night, get to joined Siew Yun and also the Chinese CG for 'yum cha'. Get to know some new friends from the 'yum cha-ing'. The next day, I went to joined english service and after that my cousin brought me to a place called "Rasa Sayang" to have our lunch. Yeah! Get to eat my favourite "xiang di" mee hoon. So the yummy! Then in the afternoon went for the children briefing and immediately got work to do. Then after that I went to joined "walk for Jesus". Everyone meet at Basel Church Tawau.

This trip is a very blessed trip. I learned a lot of things throughout this trip and also everywhere I go...where are sure people belanja me eat...so blessed...Tawau really changed a lot. Now they have a shopping mall...called Eastern Plaza, not really big...but better than none. I went there like 3 times in 2 days....

The purpose I go Tawau is to attend a camp called 'Young and Ready'. It's a children camp. I was assigned to lead one group which I just knew when I arrived. Well, really had great fun with the kids though it's quite tiring.

Here is the craft work that I need to cut...Really Suffering You know...So tired my hand. Can you see that the "e" is so the cacat? The scissor that I borrowed is not sharp enough to cut the material...but I did it....5 sets ohh....

Games Time

Drawing done my Pam Pam...cute!

Megan and Grace

Samson, Jasper and Tun Shyan

Hue Lin and Me

This is my look-a-like long lost big sis..Set Mui...haha..not really my real sis lah..just that everyone say we look-a-like...so we took picture lo..for good memories...

Today is Siew Yun Birthday....God ppl send flowers to her ohh..dun play play ooo..

Siew Yun was so hospitable...bring me go Hotspring eat Porridge...and kon lo mee...so nice ooo...some more got ppl belanja lagi tu...

Egg Tea....only can be found in Tawau...nice!

Siew Yun very hungry and we called some finger picking food to eat before we go Eatern Plaza to walk walk...

Saw this while we were window shopping...so cute...

We went to Farfalle to eat at night, me Siew Yun and Sophia...a new Italian food place...just opposite Dreamland

The Strawberry Smooties is the best

After dinner, we went to Cafe@7 to talk talk...also able to see the whole Tawau city from there...not bad huh Tawau got tall building

Went to Eastern plaza with Chirstina and AiAi...we had cakes....so the yummy!

Now, back to Labuan already. Thanks God got 2 days of rest for me. That'll be enough to gained back my energy. Time to work again!!!


18 August 2009
Went to Celcom to do survey...and then SSS (self siak sendiri) myself with a three kinds chocolate cheese cake...yummies!!!

SOMA Conference @ All Saints, KK

13-15 August 2009
Went to KK to attend SOMA Conference 2009. Was asked by Jenny to help out in the registration for SOMA. Had a good time working also. Here are the pictures....

Apart from joining the SOMA Conference, I get to catch up with some old friends for yum cha at Olde Station Coffee House...an imitation of Old Town Coffee. I had 'nai cha'...it was nice though....

After the yum cha session, the four of us still sempat take pictures together...it's like almost 12am

The next is the consecraton service of the new assistant bishop, Bishop Melter Jiki Tais, a humble man of God. Then at night we had dinner at Sutera Megellan, Sutera Harbour Hotel.

After the SOMA Conference end, we drive back to Labuan, this time there's only four of us plus the driver, so siok cause there's plenty of space to moved around. Thanks Sir James for treating us a yummy Korean Ice cream too, Winter Melon Flavour. They even stopped by the road to have durians, too bad I felt a bit heaty, so didn't get to take it. I miss out the durians.

After the SOMA Conference, we have one team visiting our church for mission. We have Jack, the leader from South Africa, Philip whom I met 2 years ago uring YPS and another two aunty from ASC. We had a great time with them. Here are picture of them, having lunch together at Fisherman's Wraft. My Cell Leader's treat.