Wednesday, July 16, 2008

You Raise Me Up

Title: You Raise Me Up

Saatku Terjatuh Dan Tak Berdaya
Kesesatan Menghempit Jiwaku
NamaMu Ku Tetap Menantikan Yesus
Sampai Dia Jamah Dan Pulihkan Ku
Kau Angkatku Di Atas Gunung Batu
Kau Angkatku Melewati Badai
Ku Jadi Kuat
Karena Kau Menopangku
Lebih Dari Yang Ku Perbuat
Kau Angkatku
Di Atas Gunung Batu
Kau Angkatku
Melewati Badai
Ku Jadi Kuat Karena Kau Menopangku
Lebih Dari
Yang Dapat Ku Perbuat

I found this song while browsing through the website, this song is originated from the english song "You Raise Me Up" and the version that I found is a Indonesian version and it is a Christian Song. Very meaningful and touching. Hope it also speaks to all those who listen.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

God Is Great!

God is so great! He always remind me of His promises and also His blessings through the rainbow, that is the reason why I named my blog "Rainbow of Faith". Whenever I am down or discouraged, this double rainbow always shows up, always at the right time when I need some affirmation. Just imagine how wonderful God's creation can be, the clouds, the skies, the sun and etc, it can always speaks right to your heart if you really take note of it or spend a little of your time adoring all of God's creation, you will definately find that even the small little plant can speaks to you. How wonderful!

This is a double rainbow, taken from my house, click on the image to have a better view

This rainbow picture above are taken in the mode of 'panoramaic'. The rainbow is too big, what i can do is use panorama mode to combine the whole picture. This is taken using my Z610i handphone, not bad, the handphone camera's function is even better that my digital camera. Try it, you will enjoy it.

This is a sunset view taken from UMS, Labuan

This is a very nice plant taken from Ps. Jemmie's house, look at it, it's love shape and it's purple in colour, wow! Even the plant can tell you to love...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I just ended my bible reading on the book of Numbers, wow, all the names really does get me to somewhere.But, I did learned a great deal of God and how He dealt with the rebelliousness of His people and even the leaders. Although the people rebel against Him, He still carries on with His plan and continue to use the people to do His workd of redeeming a lost world.

Now, I'm entering into a new book Deuteronomy, it's good to have some understanding of what the book we are reading before we actually start reading it. This is my second time reading the bible, the first time I finished the whole bible but with less understanding about it, especially the Old Testament. This time, I want to have some good understanding of the OT before proceed on. Thank God I had a Study Bible and also a Bible Dictionary (given by someone) for me to refer at all times which helped me a lot.

Deuteronomy are all about God's promises and the covenant. In this book, we learn to renew our covenant relationship with God and what happens if we do not. Being obedience is total allegiance to God's standards, not your interpretations. Obedience means loving people you want to hate. Obedience means destroying what has been your top priority and pleasure. Obedience means involvement in God's work and nothing else. Obedience means becoming strange in the world you now live in. This book is great, I pray by the end of the day, I will be able to truly build a stronger relationship with God and at the same time also let God speak to me through the OT.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Wonderfully Made For God's Glory!

Wow, can you imagine you can actually sin by just blogging. I almost did, but God reminded me and I hold back what I'm going to do and He reminded me that I blog not for the sake of complaining, not for the sake of talking rubbish, not for the sake of condemning others and etc but for the sake of encouraging others though it may not be applicable for everyone but at least, it can encourage others.

Well, what has been a past, we don't look back and be bother by it, but learned from what has happened. God spoke to me after everything yesterday, on the way home, I saw something beautiful, God reminded me that, the skies sometimes may look normal, it may look so sunny, it may also look ugly when the storms comes with all the lightning and rain but this is what I saw yesterday that bring me a message that says, even sometimes people can just be so imperfect but yet if you see things differently, you may see the wonders of God's creation. Everyone are present in your life with a purpose no matter what it is, so, I learned to treasure each and everyone of them no matter it is for better or for worse. Praise the Lord for the wonders of God's creation, here are some nice shot...Vy...taken it specially for you...look at the clouds...nice ooo...I know you will sure like it...the real one nicer ohh..I guess I need to improve in my photography skills..hehe..:P