Monday, July 7, 2008

Wonderfully Made For God's Glory!

Wow, can you imagine you can actually sin by just blogging. I almost did, but God reminded me and I hold back what I'm going to do and He reminded me that I blog not for the sake of complaining, not for the sake of talking rubbish, not for the sake of condemning others and etc but for the sake of encouraging others though it may not be applicable for everyone but at least, it can encourage others.

Well, what has been a past, we don't look back and be bother by it, but learned from what has happened. God spoke to me after everything yesterday, on the way home, I saw something beautiful, God reminded me that, the skies sometimes may look normal, it may look so sunny, it may also look ugly when the storms comes with all the lightning and rain but this is what I saw yesterday that bring me a message that says, even sometimes people can just be so imperfect but yet if you see things differently, you may see the wonders of God's creation. Everyone are present in your life with a purpose no matter what it is, so, I learned to treasure each and everyone of them no matter it is for better or for worse. Praise the Lord for the wonders of God's creation, here are some nice shot...Vy...taken it specially for you...look at the clouds...nice ooo...I know you will sure like it...the real one nicer ohh..I guess I need to improve in my photography skills..hehe..:P

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IvJoy said...

TQ so much dear..
it is indeed AWESOME.. there is no other words can replace it.
i almost cried when i see the skies yesterday. there is this one i am about to post soon. and you will hear me complaint about it.. haha..i just love it.. just love it..THANK YOU LORD.. love You Lord.