Monday, June 30, 2008

COHS Family Day

22 June 2008
I know it's late, I have been so busy that I don't have much time to blog. Well, this is some update from last sunday. COHS had our Family Day event, for adult they have Amazing Race, it was great! There are 20 teams signed up for the race, wow, what a challenge. The prize are so great, don't play play, Dinner for 5 at Grand Dorcett Hotel woh...haha! Well, I didn't see much of what is happening as all the teams run around in Labuan towns trying to find clues, and of course with their cars and a member of 5 (2 adult, 1 youth and 2 children). I am in the Kids's World. Well, we have a lot of fun too. They are 27 children present. We had Praise and Worship, games, decorating cakes, coloring, warm-ups and water splashing...take a look at some of the shots taken...

Registration Time

Praise and Worship

Cake Decorating

Kids' With Their Cakes

Games and Warm-ups

Water Splashing

~Enjoying Kids' World~

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