Thursday, June 26, 2008


We got a news saying that many of the church members in Penangah lost their home due to being burn down by fire. Rev. David Wong called for a donation of old clothing for the members in Penangah, I was called to be in charge of the collection of old clothing. Well, gained an experience from packing. Can you imagine packing 40 boxes of clothing?'s very tiring and I also did sorting so that it is easier for those who are receiving it. Not only that, we also check whether the clothing are okay or not before packing it into boxes. We are suppose to send it to Telupid. I've sorted all out into few categories, for example: Male, Female, Children and others. I heard that in KK, none of the church do sorting and ASC being the center of collection have to do the sorting all by themselves. Wow! Imagine so many of the clothing to be sorted from all over the churches in Sabah. A lot man! are some of the photos I took during sorting out:



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