Thursday, March 12, 2009

Duta Vista Exercutive Suit

This is the place where my uncle stay. It's a nice apartment, quite old looking. I went there and stayed for two days. So nice, my uncle cooked breakfast for me and my aunty. Yummy!

The Dining Room and Kitchen

The Kitchen

The Living Room

The Room I Staying

Panaromaic View of The Living Room...

My Room

The Kitchen cum Dinnig Room

9 March 2009
My uncle bring me and my aunty go Tony Roma's to have our dinner. It's my first time there and I definately giving them a thumbs up on the beef ribs. It was so nice an yummy!

Our Appetizer ~ Onion Rings With BBQ Mayonais Sauce

My Beef Ribs...YUMS!

My Aunty's Smoked Salmon

Day Out At Putrajaya

7 March 2009
Today went to join 'Overcoming Stress and Depression' course. It is a one day course conducted by Jayzee. It's a very good course and I really learned many things from this course. Another reason why I join this course are also to help those in need. Well, didn't know I will need to faced someone who are having depression. It really shocked me because it is one of my close friend from college. I believe God will heal her.

During the Course

8 March 2009
Saturday my uncle were here together with his wife for one week. So, went to meet them on Sunday. He told me they wanted to visit Putrajaya. Well, it is my first time going to Putrajaya using public transport and bringing them there. Well, the weather is so hot that day. We reach there quite late. I was praying like mad cause I don't really know how to go to Putrajaya using bus. Checked on the website and roughly know which bus to take but end up didn't see any of that bus passing by the place where we waited. We changed a lot of waiting place and got us all mad and hungry. Well, through prayer we still reached Putrajaya. That's the power of prayer. Praise The Lord! My uncle bring us to the Cruise Tasik. Here are some of the pictures I've taken.

This is the Cruise Ticket

The Ministers' Offices

Minister of Finance

No Idea What is this

Some Botanical Monument Building

Also Have No Idea What is this

Da Putrajaya Bridge

The Abandon Bridge

No Idea...

Nice View eh??

Aiya...forgot what is this...

I Like This Bridge...

The Mosque...
Really had a very tiring day traveling here and there. We went to KL, Duta Vista Exercutive Suit to stay with my uncle and aunty. We reached Mid Valley like 10pm. It was late and we were very hungry and very tired. Thanks God I still remember that Mid Valley have some restaurant opened till 12am. It was just outside of Mid Valley and opposite of The Gardens. We went to Kim Gary to have our meal. Yummy! Ordered my favoured food again ~ Beef Baked Cheese Rice.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What A Day!

2 March 2009
Today, quite busy caused I joined Aunty Annie Kok to visit a Cancer Patient in Pantai Hospital in Bangsar. Aunty Annie is from Christ Church Likas, I knew her when I stayed at AD John house for one month. She is one of the full time staff there. Now, she moved to Sunway and currently serving in FCC as a full time staff. Wow, this is really all God's plan for me to join her. Aunty Annie share with me on Saturday that she is praying for someone to accompany her to do hospital visitation. Previously her husband was free and accompany her, but now that her husband finally found a new job, she has to do it alone. I went to look for her after service on Saturday night and told her that I wanted to join her for visitation. She is so glad cause she is not that familiar with the roads and directions in KL and God send answered her prayer by sending me.

Our first visitation was to visit a sister from the chinese service called Esther. She is suffering from lung cancer. She asked me to pray before we set off from FCC. She asked me have I been to Pantai Hospital, Bangsar before? I told her I never go there but I knew Bangsar is near to Mid Valley. So, I pray by faith that God will guide us to the right place. We got a bit lost in Bangsar cause I am not familiar with the place and she is first time there. I have to be the one to direct her. So, again by faith I direct her and Praise the Lord we reach our destination. Some more we reached there on time when the hospital are open for visitation at 12pm. Really just on time. Then I told her, when we pray, God will surely show us he way there though we might not know where is that place.

I really learned a lot from Aunty Annie. She is very hospitable and she is a strong woman of God. He talk like we are friends, she is really like a mother to me. She share a lot to Esther. Esther mum told us that she is very different then she usually does. She listen to the sharing and agree by nodding her head. I was there silently pray for her as she share. Then I felt the presence of God in the room and I saw peace in Esther face. Well, sad to say, she passed away 6 hours after we visited her. When I received the news, I was stunt, then tears just came into my eyes. Felt a little bit sad but I believe she is with the Lord now. While Aunty Annie was sharing to her, it sor of also speaks to me. Thanks God for this aunty. She is very nice, she brought me to a restaurant called Chatter Box 港士港绯 to eat cause she say the food there is very nice and yummy.

Set Lunch ~ Cheese Baked Rice With Fish Fillet And Berlin Curry Sauce. Really Yummy!!! And 'Xi Yong Choi' Soup and Teh Ice

After our lunch then we have to go back Sunway again by faith. So, we trust God to guide us back. I was in the car there praying like don't know what. Haha! Indeed God really help me to direct her to the right way and we reached Sunway safe and sound. I went to Ps. Yee Shong house to help her with some house cleaning It was great doing house cleaning. Enjoying it. Also enjoy the time spend with the two little cuties, Zhan Zhan and also Yue Yue.

Walk to Pyramid to wait for Grace to come and pick me. Then we all went to 'Take A Break' to have our dinner. I am fasting meal, so I only had a drink, Ice Blended Tiramisu. Not bad.

Vui Theng's Curry Rice Set With Drink and Soup

Grace's Salted Fish Fried Rice

Gracy's Butter Chicken

My Ice Blended Tiramisu