Thursday, March 12, 2009

Duta Vista Exercutive Suit

This is the place where my uncle stay. It's a nice apartment, quite old looking. I went there and stayed for two days. So nice, my uncle cooked breakfast for me and my aunty. Yummy!

The Dining Room and Kitchen

The Kitchen

The Living Room

The Room I Staying

Panaromaic View of The Living Room...

My Room

The Kitchen cum Dinnig Room

9 March 2009
My uncle bring me and my aunty go Tony Roma's to have our dinner. It's my first time there and I definately giving them a thumbs up on the beef ribs. It was so nice an yummy!

Our Appetizer ~ Onion Rings With BBQ Mayonais Sauce

My Beef Ribs...YUMS!

My Aunty's Smoked Salmon


Jovina said...

yr uncle's room, looks like hotel...hahahah~!!

Lydiaclo said...'s actually a type of hotel...but just tat this is more like for family it's an apartment...can cook inside lagi...quite nice de...go ppl even go there to stay and prepare for wedding....

♥michelle_snoopy♥ said...

waseh..nice room~!

WALAUWEH~ yumm salmon~!! >.<*