Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day Out At Putrajaya

7 March 2009
Today went to join 'Overcoming Stress and Depression' course. It is a one day course conducted by Jayzee. It's a very good course and I really learned many things from this course. Another reason why I join this course are also to help those in need. Well, didn't know I will need to faced someone who are having depression. It really shocked me because it is one of my close friend from college. I believe God will heal her.

During the Course

8 March 2009
Saturday my uncle were here together with his wife for one week. So, went to meet them on Sunday. He told me they wanted to visit Putrajaya. Well, it is my first time going to Putrajaya using public transport and bringing them there. Well, the weather is so hot that day. We reach there quite late. I was praying like mad cause I don't really know how to go to Putrajaya using bus. Checked on the website and roughly know which bus to take but end up didn't see any of that bus passing by the place where we waited. We changed a lot of waiting place and got us all mad and hungry. Well, through prayer we still reached Putrajaya. That's the power of prayer. Praise The Lord! My uncle bring us to the Cruise Tasik. Here are some of the pictures I've taken.

This is the Cruise Ticket

The Ministers' Offices

Minister of Finance

No Idea What is this

Some Botanical Monument Building

Also Have No Idea What is this

Da Putrajaya Bridge

The Abandon Bridge

No Idea...

Nice View eh??

Aiya...forgot what is this...

I Like This Bridge...

The Mosque...
Really had a very tiring day traveling here and there. We went to KL, Duta Vista Exercutive Suit to stay with my uncle and aunty. We reached Mid Valley like 10pm. It was late and we were very hungry and very tired. Thanks God I still remember that Mid Valley have some restaurant opened till 12am. It was just outside of Mid Valley and opposite of The Gardens. We went to Kim Gary to have our meal. Yummy! Ordered my favoured food again ~ Beef Baked Cheese Rice.

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