Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Double Rainbow

I saw double rainbow!!! God is so good. He always show me double rainbow whenever I feel so down and hopeless. This double rainbow is very meaningful to me, it's my covenant with God. I always feel very encouraged when I saw this and be reminded of God's promises to me and I will definately remember it and continue to wait and pray. I believe God will bless me and guide me in all His ways. AMEN!

Be A 'In Everything Pray-er"!

This few days have been very busy. Frankly speaking, I'm tired but no matter what, the works need to be done. I'm trying to do things more faster. Learning a lot. There funeral which just end, a new task for me in handling it. Learned a lot form it. Another funeral coming up soon. CM Mission will be coming to Labuan. Have to prepare everything for them. Well, I'm bad when it comes to too many things at one time. I will freak out, so the best thing I can do it be a "In Everything Pray-er'!

Sometimes, we get too anxious about the things which is happening to us. But God says "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything. By prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God." Philippians 4:6

If we want to grow in prayer and overcome worry, we must begin by becoming an 'in everything' pray-er. Whether our request is large or small, whether our motives are mixed or pure, whether what we ask is wise or foolish, God can sort it all out. We can trust Him to respond wisely. He's not going to give us something foolishly. But we've got to learn to hold our prayer loosely and trust that if God doesn't answer it the way we want it to be answered, He knows what He's doing; He has very good reasons.

Always start your day with prayers. Now, in the admin office, we meet every morning and pray for each other. This is a good start for the day. I'm thankful that my prayer partner pray for me too and I pray for her. We uphold each other in prayers. Prayer and fasting going to start soon. It will be an exciting thing...ASAP--->Always Says A Prayer!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Alice's Sea Baptism

05 July 2007
It's been a very long time since I update my blog. Really very busy. Time passed by so fast and it's already mid of the year. How I wish I can slow down the time. I'm back from KL for almost 2 months already. Slowly adapting to my new job and new task. Really so many things to handle till I have to pray everyday for wisdom.

This month is very special. It's the month when I'm borned to this earth 27 years ago. Well, have not really celebrated it due to too many events. But really thanks for my colleagues who bring me for lunch. Treat from them at McDonalds and a small piece of birthday cake. It's more than enough for me. I'm just to easily be contented kind of person. And my CG...also celebrated my birthday together with all the July Birthies. Thanks to everyone who greeted me too. I'm happy.

Well, this month is also the month of baptism. Really happy to see people being baptized. They are so excited. This is also my first time witnessing sea baptism. One of CG members are going to be baptize--->Alice. We are very happy for her and planned a picnic at the beach to celebrate her baptism. Well, before the baptism, many things happen...I guess it is not a coincident, and I believe the evil one is not happy, that's why caused so many things to happen.
Here are some of the pictures I've taken from the beach.

Uncle Alfred drawing a flower...really like the Art Attack Show we see on TV

Going to the sea for baptism

See Their Happy faces...

Allan, don't scold me for taking your candid picture...haha!
The beautiful clouds and the romantic!

Kenneth and Jackey Happy Chatting

The Food...Yummies!!!

My CG Families Welcoming New Baby, Alice

So the enjoying eh....
This is Ps Chen's Daughter...Xin cute!

Cute and Sweet Amanda!

Star Fish...It's Still Alive!!!

Random Picc- This is Alice's Son cute...very friend with me already.

This is a special Love Seed from Kuala Penyu. Every saw this seed...really are amazed that there are such thing in this world. God's creation are so marvelous. I want to go and see myself the tree.