Monday, December 31, 2007

Happie Newie Yearie 2008

It's 11:40P.M., another 20 mintues to 12A.M. and that's the end of year 2007 and the beginning of year 2008. A new year, a new resolution a new me and a new start of everything, let go of the past and moved on to a new journey of life.

Reflection of 2007

There are many things I want to give thanks to God for a blessed year of 2007. I really thanked God that I am finally home, back in Labuan. It's been 6 years since I left Labuan to study in Nilai. I can't believed that the time passed so fast and finally I have graduated and now going to start another new journey of life. I have fought the battle which for others may be just peanuts but it is indeed something which is hard for me. Well, I have finally won the battle for God, it takes me so much pain and suffering throughout the journey and nobody can understand how tough it is, only God knows best.

Leaving Nilai has been a painful time for me since I have lead the group for so many years and seeing people come and go. It's something that I find hardest for me to let go but God has been preparing me to let go of it. I learned many new things as i lead Nilai cell, it is indeed a blessings for me. I have learned to faced rejection from people everytime I invite them to come and join the gathering, but many also accepted my invitation and came. I hope God will change them from time to time.

Praise The Lord for the FCC new building that we have been praying for so long, finally we got the building and we have moved into the new building. Although I am not there to see it but i thank God that others are able to worship there.

Thanks God for the DEYC 2007 @ Sandakan. It's an awesome camp and I really learned many things from this camp although it is a youth camp but still I am able to learn new things from this camp.

My trip to Sarawak have have also been a blessing, I have been praying for my self the few days we were travelling (with my relatives). God answered my by showing me many signs, He showed me first a sign of a rainbow when we were on our way to Miri, then when we going back to Miri from Kuching He showed me another rainbow, after that He showed me a double rainbow (two rainbow). I asked God what He wants to tell me, He told me that the rainbow represent of His promise to me, He told me that as I follow His way and His will from the beginning, He will showed me His blessings (rainbow), and when I am finishing the journey, He will also showed me His blessings too, not only that, it will be a double blessings for me. I am so touched by God's special message for me. I will always remember God's promise wheneverI see a rainbow.

The Double Rainbow I Took Along The Way

Year 2008

It's a new year. I have wrote my new year 2008 resolution in my prayer journal. Started praying for it. I will need to breakthrough some of the things which has still been hanging there, of course, by not giving up to any of it. It is a new journey for me too as I am no more a student. I will be starting work soon. It will be a different kind of test I need to go to, it may be tougher than what I have been going through but I believe for sure God will always be there for me. Give praise for a new year, let go of the past and moved on.

~Happie Newie Yearie 2008~

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Footprints On The Sand

It's been a long time since i write my blog. Well, not that nothing happens but many things happened. I still have another 12 more days in KL then I will be going back to Labuan for good. I will really miss this place, especially Nilai, the place where I go through all the pains and sufferings. It is then, that God pulled me up, helped me to stand up again. I was reminded of the footprints on the sand. There's only one pair, where is the other one? Then only I realized that the footprints belongs to God and He is actually carrying me all the time.

I remember I left Labuan which is my a place of my comfort and came all the way to Nilai to study. The first time I reach Nilai, one brother brought me to FCC and also to Nilai cell, was just in time for the multiplication celebration. The cell group multiplied and I was put under Nathaneal Yong, whom is my first cell leader in Nilai. It was great, we have lots of fun together and I learned a lot from him, he left for studies then Sien Cheng take over and then it was Sng Tien Leng, all the way from Subang. I learned so many things from different cell leaders with different characters and different gifts. Then next I was called to served as the cell leader of Nilai until now and it's time to let go. It's been sad to see people come and see people go and yet I am still in Nilai. For so many years, I question God why do I need to stay so long in Nilai? He never answer me but I knew there's purpose for all this. I faced many critism, discouragement along the way, but one thing for sure that I did, that is to never give up.

There's people who say things that hurt me so badly but God has been good, that He also sent people to encourage me and support me. What will I do without God? Seriously I guess I have already give up long time ago and who knows where will I be now. I thank God for those people though they hurt me, yet I learned to forgive, those who critised me, I learned to improved to be better, those who looked down on me, yet I make myself stand up again and again and not give up. It makes me become stronger and it really tested my faith on God. Sometimes, I really don't know what God wants to do, He wants me to let go, I let go, He wants me to stay, I stay, He wants me to leave, I leave, He wants me to go, I go, I choose to obey, eventhough I need to go through all the pains and hurts but God is so good that He healed it one by one and He bring me through all things. I don't know what will happen to me in the future but I trust and have faith in God that it'll be good. Even if it is not good I will still put on a smile and trust God again. Look on the brighter side of all things and praise God for all things.

Next week I am going to have my final exams and after that I will leave KL for good back to Labuan. Well, who knows if God called me back to serve here one day. I will go wherever He called me. My life as a student will end soon and will enter into a new level and a new journey of life. I know it won't be easy, it will just gets tougher as life goes on. I will just need to bear it with joy and it does make a difference. I'm starting to miss Nilai already, miss FCC, miss pastor 's preaching which all this year had helped me to grow more and more matured, the wonderful brothers and sisters in church, my dear Nilai cell members and most of all my prayer partner who has been a great encourager to me at all times. Will miss her dearly.

Give thanks, I really want to give thanks to God for all that He had done for me. Thank You Lord!


Thursday, September 27, 2007

天 使 Song and Lyrics

五 月 天 - 天 使




给我依赖 给我力量
你是天使 你是天使

*This song is the theme song for the drama 'Making Miracles'

天 使 (Angel)

Recently, I watched a Singaporean drama entitled 'Making Miracles'. This drama talked about doctors saving lives of people. In this drama, it pop up a question, should the doctor saves the lives of those who would not appreciate their own life and not only that, they even hurt people because they want to have revenge towards those who hurt them. In this drama, there's a young man who involved in a gang fight, his right arm was being slashed off by his opponent and he was rushed into the hospital, the doctor was struggling whether to do an operation to stitch his hand back together or not due to the missing part still not found. It was said that if the missing part was not found in 6 hours time, he will definately loose his hand and became handy capped forever. The tresurer of the hospital would not agree on the operation due to it's high cost and they don't even know whether that young man are able to pay for the fees which is quite expensive. Few of the doctors insist on having the operation and finally they found the hand after 6 hours but still the doctors insist to try to stitch the hand back. The young man hand was saved, but in the end, he end up taking revenge and chopped off the person who slashed his hand in the first place. He end up with some slashes himself and went into the hospital again but still the doctors try to saved them, they are not given the choices to choose who they want to save and who they don't want to save. Every life is precious.

This story reminds me of how God gave His one and only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to die on the cross for us. Well, He can choose not to save us, He can choose to just let us die and go to hell, but He loved us too much and even to sacrifice His one and only Son, Jesus Christ to die for us, suffered for us and bear all our sins. God still forgive us no matter how much we hurt Him, how much we ignore Him, He still love us. His love is never failing. Think of Jesus whenever you think your life is miserable, Jesus Christ suffered so much so that we can have eternal life, we should love ourselves, not only that, we should also love the people around us, forgive them, they are all blessings from God.

Thank You Lord for all that You have done and thank You for all the blessed people You have blessed me with, all of you are a blessings to me.

~Blessed Angel~

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Smile To Face The Day

Yesterday's message was so good, as if it really was meant for me to hear because pastor was like mentioning my name again and again. I can't helped being embarassed as everyone started to turned their attention to me, I felt hot and and blood just rushed up to my face and I was flushing. Yesterday night's message was the study about the book of Philippians. I've read through the New Testament for few times and always came across the book of Philippians but I never really read to understand it nonetheless apply it in my daily life. To come to think about it, I never know why am I being named Lydia, of all so many names in the bible and I have to be named Lydia. Well, my name does not come from my parents. I was named by my God father who was the Rector in my hometown few years back. This name is actually quite interesting though in the bible there's not much mentioning of it. Last night I came to know about the Lydia in the bible who as Pastor Khee Vun described as a successful business woman whom are very rich and etc. This is not the main focus. Back to the message of the night.

The message of the night is 'New Heart'. I learned that the book of Philippians are actually a book of warning and encouragement especially during the time when we are facing some difficult obtacles in life and everything just seems like the end of the world. 75 more days left before I'm going to start a new journey, things has been getting tough. I have 1 major assignments due in one week times and 2 more other assignments to be due 3 or 4 weeks later plus presentations and final examination. All coming my way, I remember there's once I was challenged by pastor to respond on doing well in my studies. I have responded to it and I need to keep my word and do it, all for God, the best I can for Him. People around me are becoming so stress and tension with their assignments and I looked at my ownself, why am i being so stress-free? Most of my classmates called me to ask for help and I felt so happy to help them. I guess God gave me a new heart that is to go through the difficult moments with great joy, yes I am definately going to make it through with a smile on my face, I trust that God will be able to give me wisdom to do my assignments till the very best. I guess God is using me to encourage my friends who are down with stress and fear.

Recently, I watched a Hong Kong drama called 'Pheonix Rising'. This is the chinese version of 'Prison Break', though they change the character to woman instead of man. I learned something from this drama. The main actress in this drama, smile to faced death sentence, though she is actually innocent and not guilty of wrong but, due to wanted to saved her younger sister's life of death penalty, she took her place to die for her. It also showed the horrible moments of being locked up in a small and dark dungeon where there's not sun light, food are being throw in from the top and you can only eat the food on the floor which is so dirty and cockroaches are everywhere. It reminded me of how Paul are being sent to prison and was put in the dark and small dungeon. Same as what the main actress did, he was praying with joy. In the end, the actress survived and don't need to go through the death sentence, she is also released. Paul was released too. This is an even greater joy.

I thank God for my dear prayer partner who adviced me to deal with things one at a time when I faced problems. I take her advice and dealed with all the things that come my way one by one and sure it does helped. Dealing with rejections from certain people does hurt me but I am now able to faced it with smile on my face cause I know God does all things well and as long as I trust in Him, He will bring me through no matter how hard it can be. God give me a loving heart to love them and forgive them and silently pray for them. Thanks God for the renewed heart. He is preparing me for a new journey. I can't stop praising God for His goodness. More things are coming my way, no worry, i can faced it because I have Jesus.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Being Obedient

Last night, I asked a friend to watch a flash. A nice and touching korean flash. Guess what? I ended up being the one being touched agian by that flash and tears just can't stop falling. In the flash, it shows how Jesus asked a small little boy to take care of the cross and show people the way until He returns, the boy being obedient, take up the cross and tell others the way to eternity. During the whole time he was taking care of the cross, he faced many difficulties but yet he is stil holding on to the cross, there's a time he dropped down and during this time when he fall down, he thought of Jesus, the responsible of him to take care of the cross for Jesus. He stand up again and waited for Jesus and finally Jesus returns. Jesus was in tears and he told the boy that he knows how much he has gone through and He was with him the whole time.

The flash come together with songs and lyrics. The song was in korean but it was translated. This is the lyrics:

Wherever you go, be obedient.
Wherever you are, be loyal.
The Lord your God are the Lord who is now King.
I will praise the Lord alone unto eternity.

Sometimes life can't be so perfect. Well, if it would be perfect, I guess we are all in Heaven now. There are so many life obstacles that all of us need to go through. I can say, it is definately not easy but I can be sure that it is worth every single bit. I really thank God, for the worse time of my life, God is always there, though I might be rebellious sometimes, He still never leave me nor forsake me, He is taking the time to heal me and make me understands why all things happens. I would still chose to be God's servant, willing to serve Him till I see Him face to face.


Sunday, September 9, 2007

25 August 2007

25 August 2007

Brother Graduation Ceremony

The Four Chongs

Some Nice shots with friends

Chilis Dinner

Wow, seems like ages only i posted it. Well, this few days very very busy. I am counting my days now....87 days left...this last 87 days in Nilai...i want to give my full heart out to God. The day will come when i don't feel like leaving Nilai. This is a place where i faced so much test and trial. God has been with me the whole time. I believe those who still remains in Nilai will be bless too and so shall all the new members who just came to study. God bless them with many many blessings.


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Nilai Faith Station Outing

Last 2 weeks, on 23rd of August 2007, Nilai Faith Station had our outing to Putrajaya. We had a great time for the International Firecracker Competition. Here are some of the pictures we had taken.

Group Picture Near The Putrajaya Bridge


The Bridge
Great day!

Move Forward

Today I watched a very nice animation movie titled 'Meet The Robinson'. This movie is nice and i learn somthing from this movie which is to 'move forward'. It is so touching to see the Robinson's family encouraging Louis, the small little inventor to move forward. It actually speaks to me that i need to move forward too, no matter how hard it takes. We should all move forward, then we will succeed.

~move forward~

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Someone's Watching Over Me

Yesterday I watched a movie titled 'Raise Your Voice'. This movie is nice and touching and it makes me cry. One of the song in this movie really touch me. The name of the song is 'Someone's Watching Over Me' by Hillary Duff. It reminds me that someone from above is watching me all the time. Even when i fall He is watching me and helped to turn things around and there's how I can see the rainbow shinning up so bright. Thank You Lord for always watching over me.

This is the lyrics of the song:

Someone's Watching Over Me

Found myself today
Oh, I found myself and ran away.
Something pulled me back, voice of reason I forgot I had .
All I know is you're not here to say what you always used to say,
But it's written in the sky tonight.

So I won't give up, no I won't break down
Sooner then it seems life turns around
And I will be strong, even if it all goes wrong
When I'm standing in the dark I'll still believe
Someone's watching over me.

Seen that red of light and it's shining on my destiny.
Shining all the time, and I won't be afraid

To Follow everywhere it's taking me

All I know is yesterday's gone
And right now I belong to

this moment and to my dreams.

It doesn't matter what people say,
it doesn't matter how long it takes
For leaving yourself and you'll find
And it only matters how true you are

Be true to yourself and follow your heart.

~Don't Give Up~

Saturday, August 25, 2007

I See The Rainbow

Give thanks to my dear Lord, Jesus Christ. Only He alone can make things happen and only He alone will make the storms go away and yeah...i finally see the rainbow. Thanks God for all the strengths He has given to me that i am able to go through all the hard things and believing that He will enables when He call.

~Rainbow Shinning~

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Psalms 13

How Long, O Lord? Will You Forget Me Forever?
How Long Will You Hide Your Face From Me?
How Long Must I Wrestle With My Thoughts
And Every Day Have Some Sorrow In My Heart?
How Long Will My Enemy Triumph Over Me?

Look On Me And Answer, O Lord My God.
Give Light To My Eyes, Or I Will Sleep In Death.
My Enemy Will Say, "I Have Overcome him",
And My Foes Will Rejoice When I Fall.

But I Trust In Your Unfailing Love,
My Heart Rejoices In Your Salvation,
I Will Sing To The Lord,
For He Has Been Good To Me.

*Thank You Lord, For Your Mercy Upon Me and For Saving Me.
Trust In God As I Endure The Hardship With Faith.

~Rejoice In The Lord Always~

Friday, August 17, 2007

From Jesus With Love

Holding On To Jesus

My Love Is Patient And Understanding In A World Of Intolerance.
My Love Is Tender And Kind When People Are Callous Or Indifferent.

My Love Comforts In Times Of Sorrow.
My Love Consoles The Lonely.

My Love Brings Clarity Of Mind To Those Who Are Confused,
Rest To The Weary, Help To The Helpless,
And Renewed Strength To Those Who Feel They Can't Go On.
My Love Brings Peace In The Midst Of Life's Storms.
My Love Can Heal Broken Bodies.
It Can Even Soothe And Mend Broken Hearts.
My Love Melts Away Tension, Worry And Strain.

My Love Gives Faith And Courage In Place Of Fear,
Hope In Place Of Despair.
My Love Is Light And Drives Away The Darkness.
My Love WIll Descend To Any Depth To Save,
Go To Any Length To Rescue.
My Love Knows No Stopping Place.

There Is No Problem That My Love Can't Overcome.
My Love Is My Special Gift To You.
It Has Always Been There For You,
And Always Will Be.

With Love From,

This message are always there. I remember there's one time that i am very down that one of the night it dropped down from the wall. There's three person sleeping in the particular same room and i was the only one who knew that it fell from the wall. I did not wake up that night to pick it up cause the room was too dark and i do not want to wake up the others who was sleeping. The next day, when i woke up, i went to pick up the fallen poster which have the message i type above with the title 'From Jesus With Love'. I guess it was not coincident that it fall off from the wall at that time and i believe God really does want to show me that message and tell me that He loves me.

Life is not easy for me. Many things happened. My PC spoiled, my handphones are gone, studies facing some problems, financially going tight. Well, it seems as if the storms is going on and on non stop. Problems never stopped to come, it is so hard to bear and no one can understands how hard it is for me. I cry out to God at all times, out of rebellion i even got frustrated and wanted to give up certain things. But God is always there, eventhough there's so many problems that come my way, i still never stop reading His word and talking with Him. Most of the message that i read seems like written purposely for me. God knows what is going to happen to me. The message that i read today really make me feel guilty. It talks about God crying for me when He sees me in a suffering way. He don't cry for me but He cries together with me during my suffering and painful times. Now whenever i saw rains, i'm being reminded that God is crying together with me. Bearing the painful and suffering way together with me. Well, the storms haven't come to an end yet, but i can see the rainbow coming, on its way now.

Enduring the storms with faith to see the rainbow of miracle.

Today, i watched a drama and God spoke to me through the drama. The message is '就算跌倒, 也要豪迈的笑'. Very Touching...

~Rainbow of Miracle~

Thursday, July 12, 2007

God Is The Miracle

Today, in the devotion, it says that believe in God and you'll believe in miracles, believe in His son and you'll experience one! Some people ask for miracles to get better class in their degree honours, some people ask God for miracles to pass in their exams, everyone got something to ask for which may seems impossible to happen but for God always possible. Today, i pray for someone, who got himself in a bad situation. It seems as if he has no hope. But, as i was praying for him, tears just came rolling down and i felt the pain of God. God is in pain and He wants me to get him back. An SMS from someone support me that he also felt the same way. I believe there will be miracle. If someone can have miracle in getting a better honours class and if someone can pass with an expectation that he will fail his exams. Yes, truly there is miracle as long as we believe in God, we will surely experience Him.

To add up to all this, i downloaded a very old song named 'Seek Ye First'. Here goes the lyrics of the song:

Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God
And His Righteosness
And All These Things
Shall Be Added Unto You

Man Shall Not Live By Bread Alone
But By Every Word
That Proceed From The Mouth Of God

Ask And It Shall Be Given Unto You
Seek And You Shall Find
Knock At The Door Shall Be Open Unto You

Indeed, as long as we call upon the Lord, He shall answer us no matter how hard the matter is. As long as we are persistent and patiently wait upon the Lord. He shall answer us. God bless that guy who really need you now. Touch his heart once again. Amen! Blessed be the Name of The Lord!


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

No Sacrifice, No Victory!

Well, it's a another day. I'm actually counting my days here, i can't believe it passed so fast. I don't even have the time to update my blog. Well, maybe i'll just a 2-in-1 or maybe 3-in-1 update of blog. Don't understand?'s one blog with many days of sharing in it. Last sunday, my best friend finally moved room to a master room. She exchange room with Jenny. Wow, the room was great and there's aircon! Well, i didn't help her moved much because i was working till 9pm and get back home at 12am. What i managed to help her with is cleaning her toilet. Well, i took one hour plus to clean her whole toilet and yeah i do enjoy it. Satisfaction makes perfect! I am just too particular with the cleanliness of toilet that i brush every corner of the toilet cum bathroom. Try to guess the last thing we did before we go to bed? Haha, yeah! Room blessings. I was well prepared to pray for her room, i prayed and use baby oil (in replace of olive oil) to bless her room. I prayed and blessed every corner of her room. It was great! It's been so long since i do house blessings. I remember while i was in Nilai, i did room deliverance for one of my cell members. I tear the 'fu' from the upper wall of ther room and burn it. All done in the name of Jesus Christ. It is so powerful.


Yesterday, 10th July 2007 accomapany Ka Seng to return his graduation gown at Inti Subang Jaya and get his portrait. After that we went to 'Peng, Leng, Jeng' to eat. It's been so long since i went there to eat. Then we got so bored that we went to Sunway Pyramid to have a walk. Guess what? I went to did a body analysis with the California Fitness. Bad, it was so bad. I'm actually overweight. Now i need to loose some weight. Feel like crying that time. Guess July was just a happening month for me as me, my cousin and my brothers birthday all fall on the month of July and we non stop eating the nicest food. Yummy! Well, in the night me, Vui Theng and also Ka Seng went to watch Transformer.

Optimus Prime

Wow, Transformer! Finally, they make a movie out of one of my favourite childhood cartoon. I watch every episode without miss with my brothers. It was nice! Well, i learn something from this movie and guess what? I did the most ridiculous thing ever. I cry in this movie. Want to know what makes me cry? I remember at the last part of the movie, Optimus Prime told Sam, he says, "No Sacrifice, No Victory"! I was reminded that it is because of Jesus Christ's Sacrifice that we have Victory. Tears rolled down from my eyes. Sacrifice is always not easy, i was asked to sacrifice something, for the saked of God, and out of obedience. I did it without much complain and unwillingness but just let the will of God be done. I know for sure if i want to win the victory for God, yes! I need to sacrifice for God, too. Because He love me too much, really too much.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

07 July 2007, A Perfect Number For God.

Convocation In Inti Nilai

07 July 2007 is Ka Seng's Convocation. Yeah, finally he graduated with a degree (Honours) in Finance. I'm very proud of him. He will be leaving FCC to serve in COHS in Labuan. He is one of my faithful member who never fail to turn up for Faith Station Nilai. Also want to congratulate my dearest Kai Mui Rebecca who also finally graduated with a degree (Honours) in Law. I am so proud of her, too. She is also one of the faithful member of Faith Station Nilai. Just happen that both Ka Seng and Rebecca's birthday fall on the same day. Want a coincident. Ha ha...

Sio Yean And Jean's Wedding

My blessings to them. Also to Humphrey and Pui Yee. Also warmest congratulations to Sio Yean and Jean for thier marriage. Too bad that didn't get to go for their wedding but i wrapped the gift i share with Vui Theng, Ka Seng, Jenny, Danny, Graise, Cassie and also Brooke Anne. So The big present...In the afternoon me, my cousin Brooke Anne and also my brother Joshua went to Manhattan Fish Market to eat our Branch. Yum Yum. It was so nice....

Big Big Present For Sio Yean And Jean

Eating at Manhattan Fish Market


Wednesday, July 4, 2007

25 Years of Blessings From The Lord

Happy Birthday to me...Well, it's over though. It's suppose to be on 2nd July. It was great! Last Saturday my best friend Vui Theng brought me to Pizza Uno to eat. We're suppose to go to Daorea Korean BBQ but i wanted to try Italian food instead. Pizza Uno is Italian. It's awesome, well, despite of all the fats i gained. Guess what i eat there? We order a special italian pizza, eh? Was it a pizza or a curry puff? It made liked a curry puff, just that this is a giangantic curry puff but all stuffed with cheese, YUMMY! We ordered tomatoes soup and we ordered a lagsana, oh gosh, it is so cheesy and nice. Last but not least, we ordered a strawberry cheese cake with ice cream for dessert. Wow, it's the best cheese cake.

The next day, my God sister gave me a Secret Recipe Marble Cheese Cake, it's nice. Another day with cheese cake. Then on monday, me and Cassie (Vui Theng Temporary House Mate) go Sunway Pyramid to Shopping. It was great, she bought some new toy for her two little hamster-Ding Ding and Dong Dong. So cute!

Well, 25 years of my life is over. I can't imagine how fast the time past by. I remember while i was in pimary 6, i wanted so much to be a grown up, that is to the fact that i can do more things on my own without having adults to watch over me all the time. Time just flies. To think back of all the wonderful memories and bad memories, i can't help being reminded how God bring me through the hardest time that i ever go through. It was Him that i can still survived till now, getting stronger and stronger as i overcome trials and pain one by one. Having so many wonderful people as angels who have been so supportive to me. I reall want to give thanks to God for the 25 years of blessings. Only God can trun pain into Glory. All we do is just trust in Him and continue to walk His way, it will never be something that we will regret one day. Thank You Lord Jesus!

My New Toy

SS-ing In Sisley

~Birthday Gurl, Lydia ~

Monday, June 11, 2007

FS Nilai Movie Nite

Monday already, now only i got time to update my blog. Well, last wednesday Faith Station Nilai went to watch Shrek 3. Wow, it's a nice movie. I like it very very much. We got it for RM6 per person and we have 2 new friends joining us to watch the movie. We went to Seremban 2 to watch the movie. Well, i went with My best friend Cristanty earlier to take the ticket and at the same time, we went shopping together. It's nice, long time never shopping with my best friend already, miss her so much since she went to US to study last year August, she is back in Malaysia to do her summer study, she will be leaving Malaysia again in August. I will miss her again. So, taking all the opportunity we have to go shopping together. Guess what we did when we went to Seremban 2, Jusco? We went SS( Siok Sendiri) in the changing was fun...look at the pictures...

Me, SS-ing In The Changing Room Of Jusco
So, what did Cristanty did?

Cristanty SS-ing In Jusco Changing Room

Princess Cristanty with Her crown..

Next, see what me and Crist did before we went in the movie theater? Haha....more crazy...

I Got Prince Charming

Da Gang At Cinema

After Movie...we go for...Yum Cha time...Yeah! Xuang!

Yum Cha~

Yum Chaz~

~Mrs. Prince Charming~

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Faith Busting

Life can be so hard sometimes. Find it hard if we don't complain at all. When bad things happen, it always referred to tragic and horrible things and when good things happen it always referred to amazing and miraculous things. It is easy for us to Praise God for what He had done for us but have you given yourself second thoughts that what if bad things come to you? Well, i guess nobody would even pray for that to happen to them. Every one pray for good things. Well, sometimes, i guess bad things happen not for the worse but for the best.

There's one time i felt too peaceful that i started questioning God, what is happening? Are You still there? Why my life so peaceful? Then all the trials come? I can tell you that is the biggest test that God ever given to me in my life and i can remember it so well how terrible life can be for that moment. How do i end up being here? Still believing in God? Well, it's OBEDIENT.

Job 2:10
Shall we indeed accept good from God and shall we not accept adversity?

God is not obligated to give us answer, but He promises us His Grace. God's grace always sufficient for us. Everyone need to go through a hard times. There is when they grow to be more stronger and learn to trust on in Him. It hurts but God will cradle our arching hearts and He wants us to come to Him. He knows our suffering will come. God is more powerful than all the bad things that happen in our lives, can He not let it happen? Yes, He can stop everything. But, He'll just let it happen to you so that you will call upon His name. God is always gracious, He know our limit and He'll just stop right there, just in time.

So, when you experience bad things in your life. Don't treat it as if it is the end of the world. God is in control.

For in Psalms 34:19 says
Many are afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all.

Learn to give praise to God in times of trials because we all know that there is only One who knows all the answers to all our difficulty and He will be the main supply to our needs when we cry in Faith to Him. God is in control of the world, He is holding the world in His hands. Have faith in Him, trust in Him and you will see the wonder of God coming to you...

~Faith Busted~

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Holy Joe or Holy Lydia?

Today, I went to Self Awareness class and just got to know that everyone is suppose to do a presentation of their life story. I am the first person to reach the class room and i felt a little awkward as one after another of my classmates come into the class and non of them wear formal. I guess I'm the only one, the lecturer came in and reminded us, today everyone is suppose to present. She ask who wants to be the first to present and nobody volunteer. I was all dress up so i be the first to do the presentation. Well, this is something different, i used only 5 minutes to draft what i need to share with the class. I got 15 minutes to present. Well, i presented it well and i got chance to tell my class mates about Christianity. A good start eh?

Well, take a look at what i read today. A very interesting Christian tract. Check it out!

~The End~