Monday, December 31, 2007

Happie Newie Yearie 2008

It's 11:40P.M., another 20 mintues to 12A.M. and that's the end of year 2007 and the beginning of year 2008. A new year, a new resolution a new me and a new start of everything, let go of the past and moved on to a new journey of life.

Reflection of 2007

There are many things I want to give thanks to God for a blessed year of 2007. I really thanked God that I am finally home, back in Labuan. It's been 6 years since I left Labuan to study in Nilai. I can't believed that the time passed so fast and finally I have graduated and now going to start another new journey of life. I have fought the battle which for others may be just peanuts but it is indeed something which is hard for me. Well, I have finally won the battle for God, it takes me so much pain and suffering throughout the journey and nobody can understand how tough it is, only God knows best.

Leaving Nilai has been a painful time for me since I have lead the group for so many years and seeing people come and go. It's something that I find hardest for me to let go but God has been preparing me to let go of it. I learned many new things as i lead Nilai cell, it is indeed a blessings for me. I have learned to faced rejection from people everytime I invite them to come and join the gathering, but many also accepted my invitation and came. I hope God will change them from time to time.

Praise The Lord for the FCC new building that we have been praying for so long, finally we got the building and we have moved into the new building. Although I am not there to see it but i thank God that others are able to worship there.

Thanks God for the DEYC 2007 @ Sandakan. It's an awesome camp and I really learned many things from this camp although it is a youth camp but still I am able to learn new things from this camp.

My trip to Sarawak have have also been a blessing, I have been praying for my self the few days we were travelling (with my relatives). God answered my by showing me many signs, He showed me first a sign of a rainbow when we were on our way to Miri, then when we going back to Miri from Kuching He showed me another rainbow, after that He showed me a double rainbow (two rainbow). I asked God what He wants to tell me, He told me that the rainbow represent of His promise to me, He told me that as I follow His way and His will from the beginning, He will showed me His blessings (rainbow), and when I am finishing the journey, He will also showed me His blessings too, not only that, it will be a double blessings for me. I am so touched by God's special message for me. I will always remember God's promise wheneverI see a rainbow.

The Double Rainbow I Took Along The Way

Year 2008

It's a new year. I have wrote my new year 2008 resolution in my prayer journal. Started praying for it. I will need to breakthrough some of the things which has still been hanging there, of course, by not giving up to any of it. It is a new journey for me too as I am no more a student. I will be starting work soon. It will be a different kind of test I need to go to, it may be tougher than what I have been going through but I believe for sure God will always be there for me. Give praise for a new year, let go of the past and moved on.

~Happie Newie Yearie 2008~


CresceNet said...

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Bea said...

Happy new year lydia!!!
miss u~

i just visited the new church today coz i was back in hometown for 1 week....can't wait for the renovation to finish in the sanctuary....=)

take care...god bless u!!