Monday, June 30, 2008

COHS Family Day

22 June 2008
I know it's late, I have been so busy that I don't have much time to blog. Well, this is some update from last sunday. COHS had our Family Day event, for adult they have Amazing Race, it was great! There are 20 teams signed up for the race, wow, what a challenge. The prize are so great, don't play play, Dinner for 5 at Grand Dorcett Hotel woh...haha! Well, I didn't see much of what is happening as all the teams run around in Labuan towns trying to find clues, and of course with their cars and a member of 5 (2 adult, 1 youth and 2 children). I am in the Kids's World. Well, we have a lot of fun too. They are 27 children present. We had Praise and Worship, games, decorating cakes, coloring, warm-ups and water splashing...take a look at some of the shots taken...

Registration Time

Praise and Worship

Cake Decorating

Kids' With Their Cakes

Games and Warm-ups

Water Splashing

~Enjoying Kids' World~

Thursday, June 26, 2008

6 Months

This coming 2nd July 2008 will be my 6th month working in COHS, I want to give thanks to God for all the things that He has done for me. I have learned a lot during this 6 months in COHS. God also provide angel to guide me and also to scold me when I did something wrong, not only that, he is always a good encourager to me, always there to support me and pray for me. Although he is not in Labuan, but still God sent that angel. Praise The Lord!

July will be a challenging month for me, I am going to face the biggest struggle of my life, I have prepare well to face it, thanks God for the angel and some of my friends who are always there to support me. I won't be sharing it now yet, but will be sharing it next time.

During the time when I was down, I read this verse from a power point sent by my friend. It says:

No one will manufacture a lock without a key. Similarly, God won't give problems without solutions.

Every successful person has a painful story. Every painful story has a successful ending. Accept the pain and get ready for success.

Even if I need to faced the biggest problem or the biggest struggle, God is always there and He is the only One that has the solution to all of it and I trust Him in all things.

"Trials Purifies Our Faith!"

Happy Father's Day

15 June 2008
It's Father's day! Today, the children are presenting a song to all the fathers. A very touching song. Here are the lyrics of the song

Daddy You’re My Hero
Father You're the best , my delight
Father You are sweet
Sweeter than honey on the rocks
Father You're the light in the night
Father You're my strength and my forever friend

Abba Father You're my Hero
You are there when I need You
You sent the greatest gift
Of love into my life...2x

Daddy You're the best and You're mine
Daddy You're so sweet
Sweeter than anyone I've met
Daddy You're my song in the night
Daddy You're my strength And my forever friend

Daddy Daddy You're my Hero
You are there when I need You
You are the greatest gift
I've received it in my life...2x

Today, also a very special day to wish my daddy Happy Father's Day! It is also my first time giving my daddy a big big hug, some more in church. I was so touched that I was in tears. My daddy is the best, he is known as the MacGuyver in my church, this is because he can fixed almost everything and he always enjoy doing it. My daddy always wake up very early in the morning, I still remember few years back when our home still doesn't have a water heater, he will make hot water for me and my brothers to take bath in the morning. He even make out breakfast.

The most interesting and funny thing about my daddy is...he doesn't really know how to cook. I remember there was once my mum was away and he has to take care of all of us, he cook the rice but there were no dishes because he doesn't know how to cook. He make plain rice with condensed milk + hot water. Imagine that...I am having condensed milk rice for dinner...once awhile we will eat plain rice with butter and soy sauce mixed together, or even Bovial with hot water. Haha...I can still have a big laugh thinking back all this...well, I love my dad...

We had our family dinner without my another younger celebrate Father's Day...we had a great time...


We got a news saying that many of the church members in Penangah lost their home due to being burn down by fire. Rev. David Wong called for a donation of old clothing for the members in Penangah, I was called to be in charge of the collection of old clothing. Well, gained an experience from packing. Can you imagine packing 40 boxes of clothing?'s very tiring and I also did sorting so that it is easier for those who are receiving it. Not only that, we also check whether the clothing are okay or not before packing it into boxes. We are suppose to send it to Telupid. I've sorted all out into few categories, for example: Male, Female, Children and others. I heard that in KK, none of the church do sorting and ASC being the center of collection have to do the sorting all by themselves. Wow! Imagine so many of the clothing to be sorted from all over the churches in Sabah. A lot man! are some of the photos I took during sorting out:



Visit Labuan

Below are some nice picture taken by my friend during his first time visit to Labuan...

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden

A Tree At Botanical Garden And Ferero Rocher At UK

Memorial Park, I be come model pula

Haha..Modeling again..

Nice Mushroom with nice effect

Chimney Point...Again Become Model

Surrender Point...Layang-Layangan

Mission Conference

I am so the lazy to update my blog, but I guess I need to update it anyway. One time go! Well, maybe I can start from May.

28-31 May
28-31 May is the Mission Conference. There's 55+ of us from Labuan going to join the Mission Conference at All Saints Cathedral. We travel to KK from Labuan.
Labuan-Menumbuk --> Speed boat
Menumbuk-KK --> Bus

We started our journey from Labuan at 8am and reach ASC by 12pm. Yeah, here I am in KK again. Miss that place so much.

Some of the decoration of mission in the hall

Jakarta Mission

We stop by Ranau for lunch before heading to Telupid

This is Telupid

The cloud in Telupid

Vocation Camp Class of 2008 Reunion

Tanjung Aru...Great! Still got chance go to KK beach

Sutera Harbour...Nice sea!

KK Town

Although the time spend at KK was not a long one, but I thank God that I am able to spend some time with so many people and being able to visit so many places before I travel back to Labuan.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Miracle Is Real

Dear God,

Your Power Has No Limit O God
You Can Do All Things
All That Seems Impossible For Me
Is Possible For You.

In Moment When I’m Weak
Your Power Enables
When I Believe
Miracle Is Real
Is Not Because of Our Strength
But By Your Spirit O God
When I Pray
Miracle Is Real

This song is a translation from “Mukjizat Itu Nyata”. I’ve translated it to the nearest meaning in English that I can understand. If anyone has a better translation for it, do feel free to comment. Thanks. This song is very meaningful, a brother sends it to me. It really speaks to my heart. Life as a Christian is not easy, whenever I looked at the cross, I remember Jesus carry the cross up to the hill before He is being crucified on the cross. We as Christian should also carry our cross. The cross is not light and it is heavy, if you can’t bear carrying it along the way before you meet Jesus face to face, you can give up easily. Some of my friends have chosen to give up and let go. They can’t bear all the suffering anymore. It’s sad to see them backslided.

So many things happened in my life, even in just a few days time. Can I bear with it? Seriously, I will say no. But it is because of God that I can say yes. Life is really not easy. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I can only bear this in my mind to keep me going, there is no one who can understand you fully of what you have been going through and only God knows how much you suffered and how much pain you go through, He even know the amount of tears you shed. People might get bored listening to your complains, murmurings and even your struggles, you never know what they are going through might be even worse than you. But I believe, everyone has different kinds of suffering, trials and struggles. That’s the best and you never know that they might be one of your angel during the time when you are down and weak. God are always good, He will let all things happened, no matter it is good or bad and there is one thing for sure, He will always bring us through in all the difficult moment that we are going through. I believe He will!