Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Father's Day

15 June 2008
It's Father's day! Today, the children are presenting a song to all the fathers. A very touching song. Here are the lyrics of the song

Daddy You’re My Hero
Father You're the best , my delight
Father You are sweet
Sweeter than honey on the rocks
Father You're the light in the night
Father You're my strength and my forever friend

Abba Father You're my Hero
You are there when I need You
You sent the greatest gift
Of love into my life...2x

Daddy You're the best and You're mine
Daddy You're so sweet
Sweeter than anyone I've met
Daddy You're my song in the night
Daddy You're my strength And my forever friend

Daddy Daddy You're my Hero
You are there when I need You
You are the greatest gift
I've received it in my life...2x

Today, also a very special day to wish my daddy Happy Father's Day! It is also my first time giving my daddy a big big hug, some more in church. I was so touched that I was in tears. My daddy is the best, he is known as the MacGuyver in my church, this is because he can fixed almost everything and he always enjoy doing it. My daddy always wake up very early in the morning, I still remember few years back when our home still doesn't have a water heater, he will make hot water for me and my brothers to take bath in the morning. He even make out breakfast.

The most interesting and funny thing about my daddy is...he doesn't really know how to cook. I remember there was once my mum was away and he has to take care of all of us, he cook the rice but there were no dishes because he doesn't know how to cook. He make plain rice with condensed milk + hot water. Imagine that...I am having condensed milk rice for dinner...once awhile we will eat plain rice with butter and soy sauce mixed together, or even Bovial with hot water. Haha...I can still have a big laugh thinking back all this...well, I love my dad...

We had our family dinner without my another younger celebrate Father's Day...we had a great time...

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NoExpertsNeeded said...

Hello from California!

A Google Search served up your wonderful post. And since I believe in 'connecting the dots' of my life, I just had to say that your words about your Dad touched my heart.

Even though my Dad passed 13 yrs. ago, Father's Day (and all other days) still is hard. But what makes those days easier is the fact that I had the honor of having the "deathbed" conversation with my Dad several months before his sudden and unexpected passing.

Sharing "those words" with him truly helped in the grieving process. I guess that's why I am now so passionate about encouraging everyone to take the time, NOW, to have 'the talk' with their Dad.

Tomorrow is not a guarantee. Do it now...before it's too late!

If you (and all who read this) would like to read the story of the talk with my Dad, request your free gift (pdf) copy of my book. Just visit the homepage of my site.

No strings attached...really! Simply my way of 'giving back'... go hug your Dad!

take care,
Louise Lewis, author
No Experts Needed: The Meaning of Life According to You!