Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mission Conference

I am so the lazy to update my blog, but I guess I need to update it anyway. One time go! Well, maybe I can start from May.

28-31 May
28-31 May is the Mission Conference. There's 55+ of us from Labuan going to join the Mission Conference at All Saints Cathedral. We travel to KK from Labuan.
Labuan-Menumbuk --> Speed boat
Menumbuk-KK --> Bus

We started our journey from Labuan at 8am and reach ASC by 12pm. Yeah, here I am in KK again. Miss that place so much.

Some of the decoration of mission in the hall

Jakarta Mission

We stop by Ranau for lunch before heading to Telupid

This is Telupid

The cloud in Telupid

Vocation Camp Class of 2008 Reunion

Tanjung Aru...Great! Still got chance go to KK beach

Sutera Harbour...Nice sea!

KK Town

Although the time spend at KK was not a long one, but I thank God that I am able to spend some time with so many people and being able to visit so many places before I travel back to Labuan.

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