Monday, June 9, 2008

Miracle Is Real

Dear God,

Your Power Has No Limit O God
You Can Do All Things
All That Seems Impossible For Me
Is Possible For You.

In Moment When I’m Weak
Your Power Enables
When I Believe
Miracle Is Real
Is Not Because of Our Strength
But By Your Spirit O God
When I Pray
Miracle Is Real

This song is a translation from “Mukjizat Itu Nyata”. I’ve translated it to the nearest meaning in English that I can understand. If anyone has a better translation for it, do feel free to comment. Thanks. This song is very meaningful, a brother sends it to me. It really speaks to my heart. Life as a Christian is not easy, whenever I looked at the cross, I remember Jesus carry the cross up to the hill before He is being crucified on the cross. We as Christian should also carry our cross. The cross is not light and it is heavy, if you can’t bear carrying it along the way before you meet Jesus face to face, you can give up easily. Some of my friends have chosen to give up and let go. They can’t bear all the suffering anymore. It’s sad to see them backslided.

So many things happened in my life, even in just a few days time. Can I bear with it? Seriously, I will say no. But it is because of God that I can say yes. Life is really not easy. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I can only bear this in my mind to keep me going, there is no one who can understand you fully of what you have been going through and only God knows how much you suffered and how much pain you go through, He even know the amount of tears you shed. People might get bored listening to your complains, murmurings and even your struggles, you never know what they are going through might be even worse than you. But I believe, everyone has different kinds of suffering, trials and struggles. That’s the best and you never know that they might be one of your angel during the time when you are down and weak. God are always good, He will let all things happened, no matter it is good or bad and there is one thing for sure, He will always bring us through in all the difficult moment that we are going through. I believe He will!

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