Thursday, September 27, 2007

天 使 (Angel)

Recently, I watched a Singaporean drama entitled 'Making Miracles'. This drama talked about doctors saving lives of people. In this drama, it pop up a question, should the doctor saves the lives of those who would not appreciate their own life and not only that, they even hurt people because they want to have revenge towards those who hurt them. In this drama, there's a young man who involved in a gang fight, his right arm was being slashed off by his opponent and he was rushed into the hospital, the doctor was struggling whether to do an operation to stitch his hand back together or not due to the missing part still not found. It was said that if the missing part was not found in 6 hours time, he will definately loose his hand and became handy capped forever. The tresurer of the hospital would not agree on the operation due to it's high cost and they don't even know whether that young man are able to pay for the fees which is quite expensive. Few of the doctors insist on having the operation and finally they found the hand after 6 hours but still the doctors insist to try to stitch the hand back. The young man hand was saved, but in the end, he end up taking revenge and chopped off the person who slashed his hand in the first place. He end up with some slashes himself and went into the hospital again but still the doctors try to saved them, they are not given the choices to choose who they want to save and who they don't want to save. Every life is precious.

This story reminds me of how God gave His one and only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to die on the cross for us. Well, He can choose not to save us, He can choose to just let us die and go to hell, but He loved us too much and even to sacrifice His one and only Son, Jesus Christ to die for us, suffered for us and bear all our sins. God still forgive us no matter how much we hurt Him, how much we ignore Him, He still love us. His love is never failing. Think of Jesus whenever you think your life is miserable, Jesus Christ suffered so much so that we can have eternal life, we should love ourselves, not only that, we should also love the people around us, forgive them, they are all blessings from God.

Thank You Lord for all that You have done and thank You for all the blessed people You have blessed me with, all of you are a blessings to me.

~Blessed Angel~

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