Sunday, September 23, 2007

Smile To Face The Day

Yesterday's message was so good, as if it really was meant for me to hear because pastor was like mentioning my name again and again. I can't helped being embarassed as everyone started to turned their attention to me, I felt hot and and blood just rushed up to my face and I was flushing. Yesterday night's message was the study about the book of Philippians. I've read through the New Testament for few times and always came across the book of Philippians but I never really read to understand it nonetheless apply it in my daily life. To come to think about it, I never know why am I being named Lydia, of all so many names in the bible and I have to be named Lydia. Well, my name does not come from my parents. I was named by my God father who was the Rector in my hometown few years back. This name is actually quite interesting though in the bible there's not much mentioning of it. Last night I came to know about the Lydia in the bible who as Pastor Khee Vun described as a successful business woman whom are very rich and etc. This is not the main focus. Back to the message of the night.

The message of the night is 'New Heart'. I learned that the book of Philippians are actually a book of warning and encouragement especially during the time when we are facing some difficult obtacles in life and everything just seems like the end of the world. 75 more days left before I'm going to start a new journey, things has been getting tough. I have 1 major assignments due in one week times and 2 more other assignments to be due 3 or 4 weeks later plus presentations and final examination. All coming my way, I remember there's once I was challenged by pastor to respond on doing well in my studies. I have responded to it and I need to keep my word and do it, all for God, the best I can for Him. People around me are becoming so stress and tension with their assignments and I looked at my ownself, why am i being so stress-free? Most of my classmates called me to ask for help and I felt so happy to help them. I guess God gave me a new heart that is to go through the difficult moments with great joy, yes I am definately going to make it through with a smile on my face, I trust that God will be able to give me wisdom to do my assignments till the very best. I guess God is using me to encourage my friends who are down with stress and fear.

Recently, I watched a Hong Kong drama called 'Pheonix Rising'. This is the chinese version of 'Prison Break', though they change the character to woman instead of man. I learned something from this drama. The main actress in this drama, smile to faced death sentence, though she is actually innocent and not guilty of wrong but, due to wanted to saved her younger sister's life of death penalty, she took her place to die for her. It also showed the horrible moments of being locked up in a small and dark dungeon where there's not sun light, food are being throw in from the top and you can only eat the food on the floor which is so dirty and cockroaches are everywhere. It reminded me of how Paul are being sent to prison and was put in the dark and small dungeon. Same as what the main actress did, he was praying with joy. In the end, the actress survived and don't need to go through the death sentence, she is also released. Paul was released too. This is an even greater joy.

I thank God for my dear prayer partner who adviced me to deal with things one at a time when I faced problems. I take her advice and dealed with all the things that come my way one by one and sure it does helped. Dealing with rejections from certain people does hurt me but I am now able to faced it with smile on my face cause I know God does all things well and as long as I trust in Him, He will bring me through no matter how hard it can be. God give me a loving heart to love them and forgive them and silently pray for them. Thanks God for the renewed heart. He is preparing me for a new journey. I can't stop praising God for His goodness. More things are coming my way, no worry, i can faced it because I have Jesus.


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Jenny Helena said...

dear sis,

I am indeed down with sadness and disappointment. Seriously bad, and I have become 'so not like me' at all..Even I, myself feel it strange to act such a way.. No idea at all.. seriously bad..

I am really sad because I have such feelings and it really ruin my day and my life, to be precise... As I read through your page on "Smile to Face the Day', awesomely, you reminded me a lot of things as I read through it..

Maybe, I really didn't 'smile' when I face disappointment and sadness. All I remember is how sad I am, how hurt I am, how unhappy I am. and all these do really contribute to my sadness and it actually hinders me to serve God joyfully..

I am really glad that your 'sudden MSN' came just on time. I am speechless from the moment that you asked me "how are you?" and I really cannot help it anymore but to let you know that I am actually feeling not very good..

Seems that God really has His own timing when we face something, especially sadness.. This is one thing that really really making me mad some time......

Thank you for your great prayer and I am really touched by it. I do really need peace and joy now..I hate to have the feeling of sad and hurt, it's just making me worse..

Thank you for sharing me with your blog. I love to read blogs because often time, the writer can really express the feeling as the reader, just like what you did. You wrote something that actually reflects my situation now.. I am really glad for that...

Thanks so much. You are indeed a blessing. And I pray that God will continue to pour His blessings upon you so that you will be blessed and your friends around you will be blessed as well..