Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Being Obedient

Last night, I asked a friend to watch a flash. A nice and touching korean flash. Guess what? I ended up being the one being touched agian by that flash and tears just can't stop falling. In the flash, it shows how Jesus asked a small little boy to take care of the cross and show people the way until He returns, the boy being obedient, take up the cross and tell others the way to eternity. During the whole time he was taking care of the cross, he faced many difficulties but yet he is stil holding on to the cross, there's a time he dropped down and during this time when he fall down, he thought of Jesus, the responsible of him to take care of the cross for Jesus. He stand up again and waited for Jesus and finally Jesus returns. Jesus was in tears and he told the boy that he knows how much he has gone through and He was with him the whole time.

The flash come together with songs and lyrics. The song was in korean but it was translated. This is the lyrics:

Wherever you go, be obedient.
Wherever you are, be loyal.
The Lord your God are the Lord who is now King.
I will praise the Lord alone unto eternity.

Sometimes life can't be so perfect. Well, if it would be perfect, I guess we are all in Heaven now. There are so many life obstacles that all of us need to go through. I can say, it is definately not easy but I can be sure that it is worth every single bit. I really thank God, for the worse time of my life, God is always there, though I might be rebellious sometimes, He still never leave me nor forsake me, He is taking the time to heal me and make me understands why all things happens. I would still chose to be God's servant, willing to serve Him till I see Him face to face.


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