Friday, August 17, 2007

From Jesus With Love

Holding On To Jesus

My Love Is Patient And Understanding In A World Of Intolerance.
My Love Is Tender And Kind When People Are Callous Or Indifferent.

My Love Comforts In Times Of Sorrow.
My Love Consoles The Lonely.

My Love Brings Clarity Of Mind To Those Who Are Confused,
Rest To The Weary, Help To The Helpless,
And Renewed Strength To Those Who Feel They Can't Go On.
My Love Brings Peace In The Midst Of Life's Storms.
My Love Can Heal Broken Bodies.
It Can Even Soothe And Mend Broken Hearts.
My Love Melts Away Tension, Worry And Strain.

My Love Gives Faith And Courage In Place Of Fear,
Hope In Place Of Despair.
My Love Is Light And Drives Away The Darkness.
My Love WIll Descend To Any Depth To Save,
Go To Any Length To Rescue.
My Love Knows No Stopping Place.

There Is No Problem That My Love Can't Overcome.
My Love Is My Special Gift To You.
It Has Always Been There For You,
And Always Will Be.

With Love From,

This message are always there. I remember there's one time that i am very down that one of the night it dropped down from the wall. There's three person sleeping in the particular same room and i was the only one who knew that it fell from the wall. I did not wake up that night to pick it up cause the room was too dark and i do not want to wake up the others who was sleeping. The next day, when i woke up, i went to pick up the fallen poster which have the message i type above with the title 'From Jesus With Love'. I guess it was not coincident that it fall off from the wall at that time and i believe God really does want to show me that message and tell me that He loves me.

Life is not easy for me. Many things happened. My PC spoiled, my handphones are gone, studies facing some problems, financially going tight. Well, it seems as if the storms is going on and on non stop. Problems never stopped to come, it is so hard to bear and no one can understands how hard it is for me. I cry out to God at all times, out of rebellion i even got frustrated and wanted to give up certain things. But God is always there, eventhough there's so many problems that come my way, i still never stop reading His word and talking with Him. Most of the message that i read seems like written purposely for me. God knows what is going to happen to me. The message that i read today really make me feel guilty. It talks about God crying for me when He sees me in a suffering way. He don't cry for me but He cries together with me during my suffering and painful times. Now whenever i saw rains, i'm being reminded that God is crying together with me. Bearing the painful and suffering way together with me. Well, the storms haven't come to an end yet, but i can see the rainbow coming, on its way now.

Enduring the storms with faith to see the rainbow of miracle.

Today, i watched a drama and God spoke to me through the drama. The message is '就算跌倒, 也要豪迈的笑'. Very Touching...

~Rainbow of Miracle~

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