Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Faith Busting

Life can be so hard sometimes. Find it hard if we don't complain at all. When bad things happen, it always referred to tragic and horrible things and when good things happen it always referred to amazing and miraculous things. It is easy for us to Praise God for what He had done for us but have you given yourself second thoughts that what if bad things come to you? Well, i guess nobody would even pray for that to happen to them. Every one pray for good things. Well, sometimes, i guess bad things happen not for the worse but for the best.

There's one time i felt too peaceful that i started questioning God, what is happening? Are You still there? Why my life so peaceful? Then all the trials come? I can tell you that is the biggest test that God ever given to me in my life and i can remember it so well how terrible life can be for that moment. How do i end up being here? Still believing in God? Well, it's OBEDIENT.

Job 2:10
Shall we indeed accept good from God and shall we not accept adversity?

God is not obligated to give us answer, but He promises us His Grace. God's grace always sufficient for us. Everyone need to go through a hard times. There is when they grow to be more stronger and learn to trust on in Him. It hurts but God will cradle our arching hearts and He wants us to come to Him. He knows our suffering will come. God is more powerful than all the bad things that happen in our lives, can He not let it happen? Yes, He can stop everything. But, He'll just let it happen to you so that you will call upon His name. God is always gracious, He know our limit and He'll just stop right there, just in time.

So, when you experience bad things in your life. Don't treat it as if it is the end of the world. God is in control.

For in Psalms 34:19 says
Many are afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all.

Learn to give praise to God in times of trials because we all know that there is only One who knows all the answers to all our difficulty and He will be the main supply to our needs when we cry in Faith to Him. God is in control of the world, He is holding the world in His hands. Have faith in Him, trust in Him and you will see the wonder of God coming to you...

~Faith Busted~

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