Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Holy Joe or Holy Lydia?

Today, I went to Self Awareness class and just got to know that everyone is suppose to do a presentation of their life story. I am the first person to reach the class room and i felt a little awkward as one after another of my classmates come into the class and non of them wear formal. I guess I'm the only one, the lecturer came in and reminded us, today everyone is suppose to present. She ask who wants to be the first to present and nobody volunteer. I was all dress up so i be the first to do the presentation. Well, this is something different, i used only 5 minutes to draft what i need to share with the class. I got 15 minutes to present. Well, i presented it well and i got chance to tell my class mates about Christianity. A good start eh?

Well, take a look at what i read today. A very interesting Christian tract. Check it out!

~The End~

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