Monday, June 11, 2007

FS Nilai Movie Nite

Monday already, now only i got time to update my blog. Well, last wednesday Faith Station Nilai went to watch Shrek 3. Wow, it's a nice movie. I like it very very much. We got it for RM6 per person and we have 2 new friends joining us to watch the movie. We went to Seremban 2 to watch the movie. Well, i went with My best friend Cristanty earlier to take the ticket and at the same time, we went shopping together. It's nice, long time never shopping with my best friend already, miss her so much since she went to US to study last year August, she is back in Malaysia to do her summer study, she will be leaving Malaysia again in August. I will miss her again. So, taking all the opportunity we have to go shopping together. Guess what we did when we went to Seremban 2, Jusco? We went SS( Siok Sendiri) in the changing was fun...look at the pictures...

Me, SS-ing In The Changing Room Of Jusco
So, what did Cristanty did?

Cristanty SS-ing In Jusco Changing Room

Princess Cristanty with Her crown..

Next, see what me and Crist did before we went in the movie theater? Haha....more crazy...

I Got Prince Charming

Da Gang At Cinema

After Movie...we go for...Yum Cha time...Yeah! Xuang!

Yum Cha~

Yum Chaz~

~Mrs. Prince Charming~


lissakong said...

hi lydia, since you always wrote comment for me and is time for me to kacau you bit. the shrek very nice right? me also already watch with irene kong my sister after service on sunday. i already brought chapter one to three in a DVD..hehehe...but no time to watch yet.

Lydiaclo said...

Haha...yalo...espcially the Puss In cute leh..when he had that 'pity-on' face, lagi cute. I watch Shrek 1 and 2 already, all also very nice ohh...siok ohh....and so fun watch with my cell members...Xuang arr! When got time..relax a bit hah movie ahh...relax tit mah...haha

Rodrigo said...

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