Monday, June 4, 2007

God's Grace Is Always Sufficient

Today, i went to college feeling down and out. I was a little bit depressed. I don't really know what's got into me? The Internship Challenge thing really got me feeling hot and i mean HOT. Well, i'll share on that in my next blog. Just don't feel like having the mood joining the meeting today but i still went anyway. I was complaining and i am just feeling not happy, well due to too many things which has been running in my mind and i can't get it out of it, tears started to rolled down my eyes, and i end up crying in the bus. Nobody seems to be looking or even notice, so i had my quiet time talking to God in the bus, crying my heart out to Him. Only He alone knows what is happening to me, the hurt and the suffering i have been going through. I am reminded by the bible verse i read yesterday. I'm doing my devotion on the book of Job and i was reading chapter 36.

Job 36:5-7
God is mighty, but does not despise men, He is mighty and firm in His purpose. He does not keep the wicked alive but gives the afflicted their rights. He does not take His eyes off the righteos, He enthrones them with kings and exalts them forever.

Well, God is God after all, sometimes, we really have no right to even question why because things happen for a purpose and God always want the best for us that's why everything happen beyond what we expected. I do not know why must i bear all the pains but i know my Lord does all things well and i trust in God, my all in all for he will bring me through whatever coming my way. God tries our faith so that we may try His faithfulness.

Well, this is a long journey i need to walk before i enter to the promise land. Who knows where? But, i'm prepare for it. I know, many things are going to come my way and none of it can be easy to get through but i know God grace is always sufficient for me. Yeah!
~Depressing Doodie~

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