Monday, June 4, 2007

FCC Family Camp 29 April 2007

FCC Family Camp 2007 was held in Peacehaven at Genting.'s cold and it's fun. Imagine you took a cold shower in Genting? It's crazy man! But, it's not that bad lah. It's all about chemical reaction though. When your body are feeling cold and you take a cold shower, you are actually just making your body temperature stays that way and your body won't get a temperature shock. That's what i do, since the queue for hot water is full and i prefer get things ready fast so i just took the cold shower. It's great! Try it when you're feeling cold. I did that once when i was in Kundasan, half way going up Mt. Kinabalu. That was shocking man! I can tell you that.

Well, what a bad day for me that i can't even join the first day of the camp and i have to miss it due to my younger brother coming over to study and i need to go LCCT to fetch him. Well, although i was late to join in all the fun, yet i still end up having such great fun in the camp. I'll tell you more as we go along with all the pictures and the story. here's some picture taken during the first day when i was not there.

Day 1

Our Meals

Yeah! Finally, it's day 2. I am on my way to FCC Family Camp 2007. I got my ID card. Well, this ID that i have here is on the third day. Well, let me explain to you what is it all about. Everyone need to have an ID card and you will be given some money and a booklet. You suppose to buy things using the money that you have. It's sort of like a Sim City kind of game. Well, I got my diploma at the age of 19 and i got married right after that. What a peaceful life? No no! The real thing is, i failed my SPM and i repeated and i got it through to Diploma. During the time when i was taking my exams. The terrorist attacked and they robbed all the money in all the shops. The situation look so real that it shocked me. Police came all from every where to lock them up. Scary huh? but the best thing is i don't even need to work cause after i got married, i become a housewife. Can you see my wedding picture? Well, there's a moral story from this game. I was suppose to give birth to baby but i think and thought and i went to get myself baptist at the church first. Once i got my baptism card, the lights went off. Everyone stay in silent. Then came the judgement day! All our belongings are being taken away from us. Nothing is left. It really reminds me of the world in reality that whatever we have on earth can't be brought to Heaven. I thank God i got baptised before judgment day come.Yeah!


Photo Exchange

Nilai Faith Station in FCC Family Camp 2007

My Friends

My Group When I First Joined FCC Family Camp

My New Group After I Got Married

My FCC Family

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