Wednesday, July 4, 2007

25 Years of Blessings From The Lord

Happy Birthday to me...Well, it's over though. It's suppose to be on 2nd July. It was great! Last Saturday my best friend Vui Theng brought me to Pizza Uno to eat. We're suppose to go to Daorea Korean BBQ but i wanted to try Italian food instead. Pizza Uno is Italian. It's awesome, well, despite of all the fats i gained. Guess what i eat there? We order a special italian pizza, eh? Was it a pizza or a curry puff? It made liked a curry puff, just that this is a giangantic curry puff but all stuffed with cheese, YUMMY! We ordered tomatoes soup and we ordered a lagsana, oh gosh, it is so cheesy and nice. Last but not least, we ordered a strawberry cheese cake with ice cream for dessert. Wow, it's the best cheese cake.

The next day, my God sister gave me a Secret Recipe Marble Cheese Cake, it's nice. Another day with cheese cake. Then on monday, me and Cassie (Vui Theng Temporary House Mate) go Sunway Pyramid to Shopping. It was great, she bought some new toy for her two little hamster-Ding Ding and Dong Dong. So cute!

Well, 25 years of my life is over. I can't imagine how fast the time past by. I remember while i was in pimary 6, i wanted so much to be a grown up, that is to the fact that i can do more things on my own without having adults to watch over me all the time. Time just flies. To think back of all the wonderful memories and bad memories, i can't help being reminded how God bring me through the hardest time that i ever go through. It was Him that i can still survived till now, getting stronger and stronger as i overcome trials and pain one by one. Having so many wonderful people as angels who have been so supportive to me. I reall want to give thanks to God for the 25 years of blessings. Only God can trun pain into Glory. All we do is just trust in Him and continue to walk His way, it will never be something that we will regret one day. Thank You Lord Jesus!

My New Toy

SS-ing In Sisley

~Birthday Gurl, Lydia ~

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lissakong said...

happy belated birthday to you...sorry no gift for pai sei oh...

God bless you..