Tuesday, July 10, 2007

07 July 2007, A Perfect Number For God.

Convocation In Inti Nilai

07 July 2007 is Ka Seng's Convocation. Yeah, finally he graduated with a degree (Honours) in Finance. I'm very proud of him. He will be leaving FCC to serve in COHS in Labuan. He is one of my faithful member who never fail to turn up for Faith Station Nilai. Also want to congratulate my dearest Kai Mui Rebecca who also finally graduated with a degree (Honours) in Law. I am so proud of her, too. She is also one of the faithful member of Faith Station Nilai. Just happen that both Ka Seng and Rebecca's birthday fall on the same day. Want a coincident. Ha ha...

Sio Yean And Jean's Wedding

My blessings to them. Also to Humphrey and Pui Yee. Also warmest congratulations to Sio Yean and Jean for thier marriage. Too bad that didn't get to go for their wedding but i wrapped the gift i share with Vui Theng, Ka Seng, Jenny, Danny, Graise, Cassie and also Brooke Anne. So The big present...In the afternoon me, my cousin Brooke Anne and also my brother Joshua went to Manhattan Fish Market to eat our Branch. Yum Yum. It was so nice....

Big Big Present For Sio Yean And Jean

Eating at Manhattan Fish Market


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