Sunday, July 13, 2008

God Is Great!

God is so great! He always remind me of His promises and also His blessings through the rainbow, that is the reason why I named my blog "Rainbow of Faith". Whenever I am down or discouraged, this double rainbow always shows up, always at the right time when I need some affirmation. Just imagine how wonderful God's creation can be, the clouds, the skies, the sun and etc, it can always speaks right to your heart if you really take note of it or spend a little of your time adoring all of God's creation, you will definately find that even the small little plant can speaks to you. How wonderful!

This is a double rainbow, taken from my house, click on the image to have a better view

This rainbow picture above are taken in the mode of 'panoramaic'. The rainbow is too big, what i can do is use panorama mode to combine the whole picture. This is taken using my Z610i handphone, not bad, the handphone camera's function is even better that my digital camera. Try it, you will enjoy it.

This is a sunset view taken from UMS, Labuan

This is a very nice plant taken from Ps. Jemmie's house, look at it, it's love shape and it's purple in colour, wow! Even the plant can tell you to love...

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