Tuesday, September 1, 2009

SOMA Conference @ All Saints, KK

13-15 August 2009
Went to KK to attend SOMA Conference 2009. Was asked by Jenny to help out in the registration for SOMA. Had a good time working also. Here are the pictures....

Apart from joining the SOMA Conference, I get to catch up with some old friends for yum cha at Olde Station Coffee House...an imitation of Old Town Coffee. I had 'nai cha'...it was nice though....

After the yum cha session, the four of us still sempat take pictures together...it's like almost 12am

The next is the consecraton service of the new assistant bishop, Bishop Melter Jiki Tais, a humble man of God. Then at night we had dinner at Sutera Megellan, Sutera Harbour Hotel.

After the SOMA Conference end, we drive back to Labuan, this time there's only four of us plus the driver, so siok cause there's plenty of space to moved around. Thanks Sir James for treating us a yummy Korean Ice cream too, Winter Melon Flavour. They even stopped by the road to have durians, too bad I felt a bit heaty, so didn't get to take it. I miss out the durians.

After the SOMA Conference, we have one team visiting our church for mission. We have Jack, the leader from South Africa, Philip whom I met 2 years ago uring YPS and another two aunty from ASC. We had a great time with them. Here are picture of them, having lunch together at Fisherman's Wraft. My Cell Leader's treat.

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