Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Heart Shape Fried Eggs

Today mummy away to KK...nobody cook for one whole week, so I become the temporary cook. So, I tried the Heart Shape Fried Eggs introduce by Maguro. Credits goes to Maguro!!!

Practice makes perfect, this is my first time doing this. OK lah...but 2nd time will be better...then I can make it for the special person....hehehe...


ekahakiz said...

i wish i'll make this for my lonely family.
thanx ya

staylig said...


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yohimbe said...

the images looks very good. very easy to do a similar dinner!

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Twiggy said...

omigosh, these are soooo cute!! thanks for sharing!! :D (passing by..)

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

Oh my goodness! Those heart shaped eggs are so cute! I'll have to try! Very cool!

savita said...


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Anonymous said...

That's so lovely! Thank you for sharing :D

Anonymous said...

Yummy! Those really look good! Gonna have to try them!

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Jennifer said...

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Shahana said...

wow, you have done a great job. Next time I will try too.

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Colleen said...

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SentiMenTal_ciRcus11 said...

you did a good job for it being ur first time...:]

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Kati said...

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Rachel Neil said...

That is such a good idea especially for kids, they'd love to eat anything heartshaped.

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worldamazingfacts said...

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winnie said...

This is so amazing and creative. Can't wait to visit again and see more food posts. High five for food lovers! :)

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Angiee said...

Ñaam :D

Helena_VS said...

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matthuk said...

bet that took ages i like to just eat 1 omelette at a time and keep it a full 1 lol


Cristy said...

These are so cute! Thanks for sharing.

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Blog2live said...

Those look great!

Annika said...

so cute <3

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Daisy said...

Food in shapes make eating that much more fun! :) They look yummy, welldone!

Ronke Adeleke said...

Never knew you could do that with EGGS!! I have GOT to try!!thanks for sharing!

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