Friday, February 29, 2008



Time flies and it's the end of February already. Tomorrow is another new month. Chinese New Year passed just like that. Well, I wanted to give Praise to God for the wonderful Chinese New Year celebration, my best friend and prayer partner came to Labuan to visit me for one week. We had a great time together, talking and talking and haha..talking. Never ending story. We went shopping and buy the same shirt although different colour (Haha...this is not the first time we buy the same shirt/dress). We even bought the same book together titled "Devotional" by Smith Wigglesworth. This book is very good, it helped to strengthens our faith, as prayer partner, we need to encourage each other in everything. God is always good, when I am down, she will be there to support me, when she is down, I will be there to support her.

The Bookmark I Designed

Darren - Hyperactive Child

Miemie - Pastor Jemmie's Daughter

I am currently involved with the children ministry in COHS, this ministry is very new to me. Well, I really learned a lot from this ministry. Teaching children are not easy. We really need to have lots of love and patient towards each of them. There are many hyperactive children there, some of them really like to stick to me, I also do not know why. Pray for God to change them. I believe they are very special and God always love them no matter what.

It's going to be the third month I worked in COHS. I really learned a lot. Become secretary is not easy, I need to be very detailed in everything, fast in action and as less mistake make as possible. Slowly getting used to the daily routines job. I find it intesting working, due to I make a decision to always start my day with devotion and spend time with God. This really works and it really make my day.

I've finally found the right cell group to attend, Selina, my cell leader is a woman of faith, really learned a lot as I join her cell group. I went to this uncle and aunty house, they have a complicated background but God saved them. Praise the Lord! I am the youngest in the cell group. Not bad lah...!! Like this cell group. Apart from that, I helped out in the UMS ministry, it's great, I feel like a student once again.

Next week I will be going for the Diocesan Children's Training, I am going together with my mum and another 5 aunties. I am excited about it. More to that, I am going to FCC dedication service on 9 March, it is a blessing for me to go cause it's sponsored by my church. So blessed, I can go KL shopping.


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