Thursday, February 14, 2008


Wow, time passed so fast, and it has been the second month I worked in COHS. Things are getting better and better, I still remember the first day I worked, there are so many things that I need to learn and catch up, work are always overloaded, well, I can still breathe and I am still alive. I think I am in a very comfort zone now, Chinese new year just passed, one of my brother are back from KL and another brother back from Abu Dhabi. I’m so happy, finally our family are united with each other, I felt even more ‘hang fuk’.

Vocation Camp 2008

Left-to-right: Me, Yon, Sam and Nelsquare

Nelsquare, Sam, Me and Jen

Well, challenges always come, dealing with working life is not easy. The first moment I responded to full time, I remember so clearly it is in FCC old building. I still remember which place I sit and I remember so clearly what message Rev. Khee Vun spoken that day, which make me make a decision to respond to the calling. I have been with FCC for the past 6 years, and FCC has been the place where I have grown so much, drawing me closer and closer to God. Praise the Lord that finally, FCC got its own building. I still remember how the intercessor and the whole church, we pray together for the building. We never give up and we trust and have faith in God that we will get the building and finally, we have it. YEAH!

I am facing a new year with a new challenge, thank God my prayer partner is always there to listen and to encourage me. Thanks for your prayer and encouragement sister. Although she is far, but she is always there for me whenever I need someone to talk to. I joined vocation camp last month, it was the greatest camp I have ever been through. Get to know some nice friends from the camp, we get along with each other very well. Miss them very much. In the camp, I learned many things from all the speakers, confirmed my calling and God even revealed something which I find it hard to let go, which has been a barrier between me and God, find it hard to let go but I finally, I found the courage to let go and I make my calling clear, focusing on God more. God also reveal a word to me: VICTORIOUS! Only if I can let go of what He wants me to let go and have breakthrough in my life, only then can I be Victorious. I did it…Praise The Lord!

I’m always busy with my work, at home I will prefer reading books. My collection of books really makes my house like a small library. Too bad, Labuan is a totally out of date place, they don’t have book store that have nice books for sell, I got so bored with the shops that I seldom go out of my house, I will prefer to stay at home to read books during my day off. But, praise the Lord, I knew a friend, who was my college mates who is now in US, whom blessed me with books, he even get it for me for free and delivered to me for free. I still remember few years back in college, he is still not a Christian, and really praise the Lord that he accepted Christ. Happy that I can share some of my experiences with him and introduce some nice Christian books to him and he blessed me with nice Christian books that I have been looking for a long time. Well, Labuan aren’t too bad after all, I’m currently in charge of my church resourse center, and will be doing the order of books. I can now order books I want, at least I still have books to read. Praise the Lord!



Jenny Helena said...

Hi sis Lydia,

finally I got to read your blog.. it has been a while also you never been updating your blog until the last post that I've just read was only during valentine's day some more. hahah... well, glad to hear that you are doing fine there in Labuan.. ya, I know you will need some time to get used to the new place... :)

Lydiaclo said... busy this few days hardly got time to write my blog..haha..ur blog are updating almost every day ohh..very good...haha...i will find more time to write blog...interesting happen almost all the time...hehe...