Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day Out

15 November 2008
It was a tiring day for me and also a stressful week for me. It's one more week to J-Kids Camp and also Children Worship Confence. I have been busy preparing for all the upcoming events and I hardly got time for other things. Tonight, my CG go for an outing, dinner at bistro and follow by movie. It was great! I met a new friend. We ate in Bistro beside Utama Jaya. The food was nice although a bit pricey. We went to watch James Bond movie. This movie is boring, action is too fast and I can't get mush of the scene. I also don't know what is it all about and I end up falling asleep in the small cinema. Well, not bad that Labuan still have a small cinema. It's my first time watching movie there. I will give it 3 star. Well, the night outing really made my day. I felt more relax and all my stress are released. I found myself being so high "I" that moment. Thank You Lord!

My Food ~ Omellete with Cheese, tomatoes, mushroom filling and chips

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