Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Back to work

Finally, I'm back to labuan. After 4 months away. Time really passed by so fast. When I reflect back what I have been doing in Sunway, I wanted to give thanks to God for everything. He has been there for me at all times. Well, I guess for me to failed my last subject and going back to retake is not a bad thing after all. There are so many people who encouraged me throughout the whole time. I also met with a lot of people and bring them back to Christ. Will continue to pray for them. God will surely bless them.
Everything changed when I back to Labuan. I even got a new job task. Now trying to adapt to my new job. It's good to be home, can see my families everyday. So blessed! I guessed I've changed, I pray more now than I did before this. Every single thing make me want to pray. Give God a prayer to answer and He will answer it. Our Responsibility is to pray and God's job is to answer. I read this from a devotional material. Very encouraging.


Richeal Phil @ Ritz ^-^ said...

Our Responsibility is to pray and God's job is to answer....a very strong words!! Love it

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