Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Special Day!

1 May 2009
Today is a special day! It's David and Shirley's wedding day. Shirley is my first cell leader back in Labuan. She is also one of the person who inspired me to accept Christ and also to serve God. She is my role model even until today. I'm happy for her on her big day. Prayed for her, too during the wedding. Didn't get to take picture with her due to had an appointment with someone.

Shirley and David

Shirley Boon

After the wedding, I went to watch movie with a special friend. The timing was just right cause I prayed about it. We watched Fast and Furious 4. The movie was great! Both of us enjoyed the movie. After that we went to dinner together. He treat me an expensive dinner. A yummy JD Steak. Nice! We talked and shared a lot of things with each other. Suddenly the lights went off, romantic? haha...Will never forget this memorable day!

His Appetizer: Boneless Chicken and Entrees: Chicken With Cheese (no pic)

Both of us had Ice Lemon Tea, Free flow!

My Jack Daniels Steak

After dinner, he send me home cause I had another appointment with my SG members and he had reunion gathering with his ex-college mates. I went home and go for a swim accompanied by SF. Then, Joel came to fetch us. He bring us to a very nice place to hang out called "Millennium Square". Joel and Jian Wei are from my share group in Sunway. They always make me so happy and laugh non stop. Really blessed to know them. They are so so the young!!!


Don't know what is this...look nice..but dun taste nice

Fried Sushi

French Fries

Fried Rice with Sausage

Seafood Chowder

Roti Sardine...So the big

Pineapple Fried Rice with Chicken

Our Foods

Me and Jian Wei

Me and Joel. Blessed to know Joel coz he always fetch me to SG. Thanks!

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