Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Diocesan Young Adult Camp 2009

20 September 2009
Went to joined Chinese Service before we fly off to KL. It was a tiring day of traveling. Here goes our journey. We fly from Labuan to KL, then take a bus down to KL Central. Caroline reached earlier and went to buy bus ticket to Genting for all of us. Need to wait for the next bus at 5pm. We reached KL Central at about 3pm. Went to meet my uncle to pass something to him. Then we went to McD to have our lunch. My uncle's treat. YAY! Get to talk and spend some time with him and also my aunt. Then we went to catch the bus to Genting. It was raining heavily by then.

Hungry wah....eating Lay's potato chips..

some sort of info counter...cute ya?

This is funny....we need to check out by 12pm and chick in at 3pm. Did you see 'chick in'? Chicken in????haha

a big picture taken near the reception

We reached Genting like about 6pm. Then at night we went to eat dinner at one Korean restaurant at Awana Genting. The food was great....though not as nice as the one I went to in Subang. Anyway, here are the pictures....

Our Refillable Side Dish..I likethe anchovies...sweet and crunchy..
This is what i called....

Sheryl's Kimchi Soup

Caroline's Kim Chi Fried Rice with egg

Rachel's Korean Beef with rice

Christina's Korean Spicy Soup With Rice

We got watermelon as dessert....so full

After dinner, we went to have a look at the places of meeting and have some small planning of the registration for the next day. And also to take some SS pictures....but then we need to go back to our room to rush works again. We slept at 3am then wake up early to have our buffet breakfast, then rush to start prepare for the registration.

Sheryl and Ivy

Caroline, Me and Ivy
21 September 2009
The next day, it's time to work work work!
The place for

So Serious working..better don't kacau me or I'll bite you....
Me, VT, Jonathan, Victor and Samentha

Finally, our group picture....
Actually, I didn't really get to join much of the gathering during the DYAC cause as a committee, I've running here and there standing by for every problems that pop up. Well indeed so many problems arises on the day of the camp but yet, I really see how God works in many of the things be it good or bad, God is always there and He help us through. All I can say is Praise the Lord for this camp and thanks to everyone who has been a great help in this camp.


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