Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dragon-i, Sunway Pyramid

23 September 2009
Today just back from the DYAC camp, overnight at VT's house. We went to Old Town Coffee to have a light lunch together with Michael and also Grace. Then later in the evening, we went to Dragon-i Restaurant to eat dinner together, me and VT...always wanted to eat but too bad never had the chance to go...so, finally get to eat the yummy nicest 'xiao long pao'...here are the pictures..

Shanghai Famous Xiao Long Pao stuffed with Pork and Mushroom, Recommended!

Ma Poh Tau Fu...Nice...very soft and smooth texture...a little bit spicy

Long Bean...with minced meat...Thumbs Up!

Shanghai Fried Noodles...Yummy!

After dinner, VT weet to meet up with her SG members and I went for shopping...didn't get to shop much due to not enough time, but I still had a great time window shopping. Then at night went to meet a special friend for 'yum cha'...had a great time talking with him....miss the times....