Thursday, February 12, 2009

February Updates

It's February!!! I only left 2 months plus here in Sunway. Time really passed so fast. How I wish I can turn back the time but this is impossible.

8 February 2009
Me, VT, Graise and Gab went to Pearl Point, OUG to eat 'dim sum' buffet. Thanks to Graise for treating me. Eat til I can't breathe. Here are some pictures taken.

Graise and Gabriel

Vui Theng waiting for her dim sum...haha

The Fried Dim Sum

The Steamed Dim Sum

The Shanghai 'Siu Long Bao'

9 February 2009
It's Chinese Valentine's Day and also the last day of Chinese New Year. Normally, if 'm home in Labuan, we will definately have family dinner together. But too bad I'm in KL. So, VT invite some of us to her house and she cooked for us. Here are the yummies food she cooked.

Q Nyiuk, Mixed Vege, Brinjal with Minced Pork, Curry Chicken, Steamed Fish and Soup.

and Guess what we did after the dinner??????


Play Rummi....Keegan also joined in to play...

10 February 2009
Jovina's mum invited me and VT to join them or dinner. We went to Salmon steak to have out dinner. It was great, Thanks Aunty! Then we went to RT buy some bread and then we went to Subang Parade to walk around. Shop almost close during that time. Then VT suddenly thought of today is tuesday and Swensen have 50% offer on ice cream. Yummy! We took the Earthquake Ice cream. There's 8 flavour.

Wow, Valentine's Day is coming soon. Sunway Pyramid just taken down their CNY deco and now they are hanging some cutie nice Valentine's deco. This is one part that is finished. The stage is still in the progress.

Well, I am actually home sick. I miss my family a lot. But thanks God for my mum for calling me all the time. I miss the J-kids. I miss my work place. I miss my home church and of course not forgetting the most important one my beloved cell group Lions 2. How could I be dare enough to forget them...haha! I'll be back don't miss me....hehehe!

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