Saturday, February 28, 2009

Persevere Till The End!

25 February 2009

Lent Season started. Today, FCC have a combined Tri-lingual Prayer Meeting. The prayer meeting as great. I was touched during the prayer. Today also the frist day of fasting. It seems like a long time since I fast. This time I fast for one meal. Really not easy...getting hungry all the time. The devotional booklet was good too. It guide us as we read the book of James which talk about Trials an Temptations.

Well, trials is a must-to-go-through life experiences. Sometimes, it just not the way we want it to be, and being force into this kind of trials does lead us to being rebellious. We get disappointed with things easily and blame ourself for the things that happen. Sometimes, things just happen for a real good reason which we might not know now, but will know it in the future. We just need to be like what James said, to have joy when we faced trials and temptations and to persevere till the end.

Let all the hardship you go through in life allowed God to lead us t a more mature growth.

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