Saturday, February 28, 2009

End Of Frebruary Updates

Wow, it's the end of another month again. I am getting more and more lazy to update my blog. But here are some February updates from me. Really miss my home. I really really miss my family. But thanks God for my mum who are always there when I need her. Very blessed, most of the time when I am going broke and when I pray, God will surely send my mum and she normally knew I don't have enough to use and will surely bank in some allowance for me. Praise The Lord!

Latest Me~~~
I miss the J-Kids a lot, recently have been chatting with some of them. They asked me when am I going back to Labuan. Well, miss them too. Children are a blessings from God. It really does make you happy just seeing them. I've joined Faith Kids here in FCC. Kids here are different from in Labuan. Labuan kids are hyperactive. Kids here are what I consider as normal. But I learn many things from the teachers and also helper. Get to know Huey Yue, Jonathan, Tina, Lee Juen, Jun Hao (the leng zai) and brought in Peter to join the team as well.

Huey Yue Teaching Lesson on Naomi

Game Time...Yay Yay Yay...

Makan Timez....Yum Yum Yum~~~

SS Timez...Ke Ke Ke....This is Yue Yue...Rev.Khee Vun's Daughter

17 February 2009

Today me, Vui Theng and also Chanel went to Raphah for Accidents and Traumas Healing Ministry. It was great we learn of the caused of the traumas which bring fears to us. Now I know why until now I still can't drive. When I go back Labuan, I will make sure I start driving and overcome the fear. Apart from there, we also learn how to help those who went through accidents and traumas. This is a good course. The coming course that we ae going to join will be 'Understanding and Overcoming Depression'. Interesting! Not that I have depression, just that I am surrounded by friends who have depression. I think joining this will give me some guidance to help them.

After the course, we didn't get to make it for saturday night service but we still went to church. Before we go church, we went to Old Town to have our dinner. Yummy!

Chanel's Curry Mee

Me and VT ordered Nasi Lemak Rendang Ayam and Our All Time Fav 'Xi Mut Nai Cha'...JENG!

Sunday, Jonathan was here to perform and share his life experiences. Very touching and great songs.

23 February 2009
Went to Williams to eat together with VT, Kelly and also KY. Haha...went to eat the 'K2' are our food.
Ribena With Longan Ice Blended

Spaghetti Carbonara With Ham and Pepperoni

Chicken Kiev

Chicken Chop

24 February 2009
Today got class, while on the way out, I saw this kute cate resting at the cute.

Thought of treating myself something. Went to Secret Recipe and have this Carrot Slice. Nice!

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