Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

10 May 2008
Last Saturday I went to Intercessor Prayer Meeting (IPM), I can say it's always great experience every time I went to IPM, I was there with so many burdens, everything that I can think of, it's all in mind. One of the thing is the Myanmar Disaster. It a sad thing to think about our neigbouring country are facing such difficulties. I pray for the country and at the same time pray for all my burdens and my struggles that I am currently facing. Then, God spoke to me through this song "In Christ Alone". Here is how the verses goes:

In Christ alone
I place my trust
And find my glory
In the power of the cross
In every victory
Let it be said of me
My source of strength
My source of hope
In Christ alone.

I felt so relief with the song, and so coincidently the next song the worship leader sang was "In Christ Alone". Wow! Unbelievable! I guess God really want to comfort me with that song. I hope this song can also be great comfort and encouragement to everyone, too.

11 May 2008
Yeah! It's Sunday again. I always felt excited every sunday! I still remember few years back while I was still in Nilai, waking up as early as 6am to prepare for church was indeed something exciting for me. I am the alarm clock in the house, wake my housemates up for church, gee...I guess they feel like throwing something to be...Haha.The journey to FCC from Nilai is very far. I always feel excited to go church. In KL, 6am is still very dark, you feel like sleeping even more.

My Dearest Mummy and Daddy

My Family

Ok back to Labuan, so today is Mother's Day! Today, the children are going to present something to all the mothers. They sang few songs, oh...I can tell you they are so adorable and cute. After that we have some video clips with some short speech from some of the church members. I was touched and tears just came to my eyes but I hold it back. I thought of my mummy, she just sat beside me. I think of so many things that she have done for me and one thing for sure, she is always there to support me no matter what decision I made. Rev. David asked us to greet our mother and I can't help and gave my mum a big hug. I and my brothers and sister bought a nice handbag for my mum, it's 'Elle'. Thank God she liked it. Have dinner with my grandma and my aunt and uncle in the night. Sort of like a family reunion dinner. It was great. Miss this kind of gathering. More of this in the weeks to come as my uncle and aunt from overseas are coming back soon.

God Dad, God Mum and Family

Miss God Dad and God Mum. Want to wish God mum Happy Mother's Day, too.

12 May 2008
Spiritual Thoughts today:
Finding ways to encourage children’s love for learning while establishing them in the faith is an important investment in the future.

Our children are a gift from God
On loan from heaven above,
To train and nourish in the Lord,
And show to them His love. —Sper

We shape tomorrow’s world by what we teach our children today. Last week in CG, my cell leader shared that it's because of her sunday school teacher that she came to know the Lord. This really inspired me to be a better teacher in J-kids. Investing in the lives of the children is not a waste, I believe they will become the future leader that lead the church, especially the naughter ones. So, don't look down on them oh! Well, we still need some patient to love them. God bless all the little children.

~Happy Mother's Day~

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